So scared

Hi, I've had long term constipation and I'm only pooing about once a week! Im really blocked up and I moved scared my bowel is going to explode or something like that?

I haven't had a solod poo for about 8 days now! And I'm getting really scared. I had some milk of magnesia and that made me poo literally just brown water. I'm scared that it's stuck in my intestines and I'm going to die from it.......

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  • Your first call needs to be your GP, the second to get your diet sorted out.

    You really should not ever go 8 days without a bowel movement.

    If you cannot get to your GP go to a pharmacy and get a pessary or whatever they have to offer to get you going quickly. Don't be scared to ask for a private conversation with the pharmacist as all have a private room for discussion and the pharmacist will be happy to help.

  • Hi if I was you i would go to GP and tell them everything you have said here.

    BUT to reasure you even if there is a blockage then it can be sooo easily removed-the GP will help you with EVERYTHING !

    Rest Assured

    All will be well- Blessings and Love

  • Morning Dylan2000

    I agree with Sashapet you need to see your GP or go to the chemist. As you already know that it's not good for you not to move your bowels. I am definitely not saying this would happen to you but I had trouble going to the toilet because I was taken dihydrocodeine and I got diverticulitis and had to go to hospital. They put me on steroids and I got better. Please look after yourself and take good care of yourself. Jan101 🤗🤗🌷🌹🌷🌹xxx

  • I use golden linseed soaked in water for and hour before taking,helps me

    Like your other replys, go to your gp or chemist for help

  • I was given Movicol when i had a similar problem. Chemist has it

  • Hi I had 8 movicol sachets yesterday, but still no BM how long does it take to work?

  • 8 sachets is a lot! I only take 1 but it sometimes takes until the second day to work. If nothing, i would take the advice of danmdan and see a doctor or the A and E straight away. Let them examine you and put your mind at rest.

  • Gp or chemist is the first place you should go, i find drinking a glass of water before each meal or snack has helped me so much and apples and oranges are a great help. You really need water to help with digestion not just fibre and always go for soluble fibre as that is much better for you. Hope this helps you

  • Caution with apples. Not all can tolerate. VERY high in FODMAPs.

  • Lots of good suggestions here but I would add do not panic! I know it's hard but stress is one of the worst things for IBS. Also, although it's not ideal, being constipated for a week isn't going to kill you. I have very severe IBS and there are times when I don't have a complete bowel movement for 2 weeks+. This is quite common in severe cases. Obviously you need to try to get things under control - see what your GP advises. It's also worth considering holistic options - colonic hydrotherapy works wonders for me, and I have also recently seen a nutritional therapist which has helped. Good luck!

  • When I get constipation, which occurs if I miss a toilet visit even after one day I use fybogel and it normally sets things back to my norm.

    Maybe safer though to check with the doctor. It is pretty obvious from reading things on this site that everybody is different and few things if indeed any work for everyone.

    Good luck ,hope things get better soon.

  • "Laxido" either every day to start with, then every second day, has helped me to keep things moving when taking Morphine tablets some months back. Also Senna tablets helped.

    But do act on the advice above, see Pharmacist or G.P. asap ! TODAY - or even consider going to local hospital's A & E.

    What are you eating, and how much ? Taking any medication, especially opiates ?

  • Just to reassure you, Dylan. I had constipation for years. it was no fun, but I survived OK.

    However, I did find magnesium was a great help:

    Hope this helps,


  • Tried milk of magnesia and I literally just ooord water, no solid stool

  • You can overdo magnesium. Like everything for IBS, go very slowly. Your body doesn't like being jerked around. In my post above there are ways of increasing magnesium without taking over the counter meds. Meds can contain other substances that you may be reacting to.

  • try asking your Doc for a laxitive called Biscoydol they are small yellow tablets and work wonders for me Hun

  • Read about Gerson therapy. Stop eating solids for one week. Have many fruit and veggie juices only. For example juice one green apple, one orange, and several green leaves like romaine, beet, chard, collard etc. An enema would likely help also. You will likely feel better in all ways, then you can continue to sort out if anything else is medically wrong while you eat this way. Watched Supejuiceme on utube. Watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead also.

    Best of luck.


  • Go to your doctor and they will give you the best course of action. Let us know how you get on . If you also feel sick I would get an urgent appointment. But do get some advice rather than worrying. It could be diverticulitis and it needs checking or could just be bad constipation and you need advice.

  • Hi hun have you tried dulco-ease I was rushed to hospital on new years day in agony so I no how you feel was so painful I was lucky if I went once a week no I take 2 senakot every other night and one dulco-ease every night to start with dulco-ease you take 1 3 times a day I hope these help you you buy them in supermarkets or chemist good luck hun

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