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Really scared at worsening symptoms



As I write this I'm feeling so scared. Almost on the point of being out of control. My IBS-D has worsened significantly in the last 4 months, and very badly in the last month. I am suffering from anxiety and depression at the moment and for the first 3 months I just thought my guts were reacting to that. Grumbly and gripey with intermittent bouts of diarrhea and sometimes constipation. Nothing that I wasn't used to over the years. But in the last month I've had diarrhea nearly every day - having to go to the loo very urgently about 4 times over a period of about 2 hours first thing in the morning. I feel bloated, uncomfortable and sometimes in pain. Alongside this I feel really poorly. Just very unwell. My doctor has run a few preliminary blood and stool tests and has referred me to the hospital for a scan and colonoscopy. I'm waiting for an appointment but am going up the wall with worry and continued symptoms. I'm so scared that this could be cancer and that I should have seen my doctor sooner. I feel so rubbish I don't want to eat - my appetite is ok - but I just keep thinking I must be eating something to make me feel so bad - but I don't know what.

I am miserable and scared. Can anyone help?


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Hi there! So sorry to hear of your pain. I completely understand how rubbish IBS is! I thought I'd share my experience with you. I suffer from IBS for 4 years. My major issue was bloating in the stomach which felt absolutely uncomfortable, my dress size went up from a 10 to size 12/13 and in teh last few months...people commented I was pregnant!!! I felt awlful!!!! I was getting depressed and fely unhappy with myself. It really does affect all aspects of your life. I tried the tablets, yoga (which did help), aviod certain foods etc...but still felt crappy!! Two months ago, I have found something that works!! I have been drinking Aloe Vera Gel for 2 months. When I first drank it, I was burping 15 minutes a day and farting! I had never felt better!!!! I decided to do a detox to cleanse my skin. It was a 9 day detox using a combination of natural products, supplements, shakes and a low calorie diet. I finished it on tuesday and now I feel like a superwoman. I lost half a stone and a dress size in 9 days. I can sleep like a baby, my energy levels are incredible high and so is my enthasium. My symptoms of IBS are now under control due to the Aloe Vera and detox! Give it a go...there is a 60 day back guarantee if it doesn't work for you. Let me know if you want the details. Good luck with it all.

Hi Denisethemenace

Have you tried any elimination diets?

What are you having for breakfast?

I have been on FODMAP diet now for 3 months and noticed a huge improvement in all symptoms. At the beginning I was in the loo 4/5 times each morning and unable to leave the house until I felt it 'safe' and almost painfree. I was at the time eating for breakfast gluten free oats, almond milk, banana, honey followed by my daily liquid multivitamin. In the first few days I realised one by one that bananas are no good....honey is no good...both full of fructose...and so was my multi vitamin!!!! Am now pain free ( until I go off my FODMAP diet!!).

Keep a food is vital to help you find out what it upsetting your digestion.

Good luck

Good luck. I just completed my colonoscopy. Yay! You will be relieved when it is over . Bananas, rice, apples, toast. Please have hope and take care!

Hi I understand your fear, must admit I too was very scared in the run up to my colonoscopy as feared cancer too :( Like you my ibs worsened in recent years, always since childhood been affected but really bad last few years (im 40 now). Like you frequently passing loose bowel motions or not going at alll, kept being asked if i was pregnant as so bloated. My colonoscopy wasnt that bad in fact i found the prep the worst bit being stuck on the loo for a day! I watched my procedure and found it fascinating.

My results showed some ulcers in my ilium but thankfully nothing more serious. Ive been to see a dietician since and am following the low fodmap diet. For me it has improved my symptoms by about 30%, less time on the loo but the pain and bloating still happens some days but thats me..everyone reacts differently and a lot of people on here swear by this diet and have found it extremely helpful.Its well worth asking to see a dietician after youve had the colonoscopy results. I hope it goes well and you have good results.

If you are interested in starting the diet yourself I did post a list a while ago of safe foods, you could try it see if its a particular food group aggravating your system..but really it should be done under medical guidance.

Take care and try not to worry. x

Thanks all for your helpful responses. The diahorrea has calmed down after I reduced the dose of a particular medication I am on - so I think there was a clear link there. But still feeling "not right" - uncomfortable, bloated, headachey, tired. Will take a look at the whole diet thing, but over the years I'm afraid I've been quite ill-disciplined with really seeing an exclusiong diet through. I've started them, but then felt quite miserable cutting out various foods, so have given in quite quickly. It seems quite hard to persevere. But I know in my mind that if I did, at least I would have some evidence one way or the other.


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