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So, I've had gastro issues now since October last year, severe stomach cramps on my lower left side near my hip, diarrhea every day, recently at least 6-7 times a day, rumbling stomach, cracked lips, ulcers which keep getting infected in my mouth, I've lost over 3 stone in weight. I've cut dairy/lactose out of my diet completely, and tried gluten/wheat free which helped for a short while but then started again. I've had a colonoscopy in February, which was "normal" and so were biopsies. I've tried Buscopan, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Codeine, Cocodamol, Loperamide-which block you up and then it's so bad when you do "go". I've been under Gastro team at the hospital since December after my Fecal Calprotectin was 222. Currently waiting for an MRI, which I could be waiting till May for. I went to my GP today and the doctor said it is all in my head, because colonoscopy and blood results are "normal", there is nothing medically wrong with me. I have suffered from depression for about 4-5 years, but on no medication for 4 months, and the doctor saying its in my head is very annoying for me.

Can Crohn's / Colitis be missed on a colonoscopy? Can it be present elsewhere? Would an MRI definitely show Crohn's?

Could it all be in my head? But how can diarrhea be in your head when it's a physical symptom?

Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance

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Take a look at b12deficiency and see if other symptoms could be relevant. Weight loss, cracked lips etc could be linked.

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Have a read about Bile Acid Malabsorption. I was very similar to you and everything tested was normal. Good luck getting sorted.

It's not in your head. Take care x

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Sorry to hear that. I agree with LisaHelen, would be worth investigating if its a possible b12 deficiency, and might also be worth ruling out an overactive thyroid. I suffered worsening stomach problems similar to what you describe (especially the very frequent attacks of diarrhea) and eventually Graves Disease was diagnosed. However, I'm not sure Graves is linked to cracked lips and ulcers. But you have nothing to lose by asking for these blood tests, so I sincerely hope you get this resolved soon.

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Hi alexterry14,

I really feel for you. Makes my blood boil when a medical professional says its all in your head. I can answer the how thoughts affect body bit of your post.

Basically every thought creates a physical response, when you think of someone you love that warm feeling is mind and body connection or as the medics call it for IBS the Brain Gut axis. It exists, your doctor is showing how far behind the times he is with current thinking!

I learned loads from seeing a chap up in cheshire called Micheal Mahoney, an IBS and anxiety expert. Ive added a link that might help you.




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