Hi, I have been ill since May and been into hospital twice with my stomach! I have bouts of diarrhea,stomach pain,nausea,leg pain and fatigue. I had a flexi sigmoidoscopy, which only looks at the last bit of the colon. They said it looked normal-no inflammation-so they said I had IBS.For about 2 months now I have been having sharp pains in my lower right side stomach-I wasnt experiencing them before,plus Ive been passing blood in my stool! I have lost weight once again and I've lost my appetite-but I dont have constant diarrhea! My doctor said that the early stages of crohn's are mistaken for IBS-I am just concerned because they haven't looked at my whole stomach. Has anybody been diagnosed with IBS when it was actually Crohns? One member of my family has crohns and another colitis-not immediate family though. Thanks!

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  • Sounds like you need to push for the colonoscopy/gastroscopy - it's a shame they didn't do that off the bat. You might have to be firm and insistent with your doctor.

    In the meantime, try not to over think the possibilities and cause yourself undue anxiety. Stress can exacerbate IBS and that's the last thing you need right now!

    I'm sorry you're feeling awful and I hope you have answers soon.

  • Yes,its a shame they didnt! I've been waiting since June to see a consultant,I've been phoning them and they keep saying they have a long waiting list! Thank you for your reply!!

  • You don't say how old you are, but your symptoms sound very familiar! I had similar problems and ended up, gastroscopy and colonoscopy. They found an adenoma and removed it but nothing too sinister. I would definitely push for the gastroscopy etc to put your mind at rest. As for the pain lower right - Google ileocecal valve and read what it says. It's the valve between the small and large intestine and it can become inflamed and not open and close properly. You can massage the area to help relieve it. I hope this is helpful. IBS is a daily struggle and you have to find ways of coping sometimes! I hope you feel better very soon. Get hold of your GP and tell him that you are no better and you want some answers! Good luck! :)

  • Hi, I'm 20 years old! I will google that now thanks! Yes IBS is really hard to control! Ive just had a letter for a gastro appointment at last! Thanks for your reply!

  • Hi, I can't understand if your GP says it's sounds like early Chrones why on earth hasn't he sent you for a colonoscopy.

    I also agree with runwithdogs,you wil have to be more pushy,if you've been waiting for an appointment with a consultant since June,that's just not on.

    Scream,phone,shout,dance on his desk if you have to. I'll repeat myself now.

    It's your health you take care of it,there not suffering you are.

    My god it's getting worse,I haven't been off the phone this week,with one thing and another with my health. Sorry for the rant a bad week, and yes stress don't help IBS but neither do the health service.Ahhhh.

  • Its as if they forgot about me after having the flexi sygmo when I was in hospital! Ive called them so many times and been to my GP atleast 20 times in the last month! The waiting times are just ridiculous but Im just happy that Ive had a date now at last!!

    I hope things get better for you and thanks for your reply!

  • Have you had a fecal calprotection test done? If so and it was higher than normal (which I think is anything higher than 50) it may be an indication of inflammation in which case a colonoscopy would be better. If not then ask for it to be done, your gp will just need a stool sample. My test came back at 67 but that was a false high as I was taking strong NSAIDs at the time.

    I also had v.similar symptoms as you but these all calmed down after a couple of weeks on the low fodmap diet (I also had to cut out eggs and cheese). I'm a worrier so straight away thought the worse but all my tests ruled out anything nasty.

    Hope this helps.

  • Should read calprotectin... Also I got sharp pain in lower left abdomen but think it's gas, massaging helps.

  • Hi, No I havent since the change in symptoms! Ive been on the fodmap for months now,but have had these new symptoms flare up! Were you loosing weight? Thanks for your reply!

  • Yes I lost a lot of weight, over a stone. You can have things like peanut butter sandwiches, lots of plain Doritos, cook with lots of olive oil and have plenty of chicken. You can also buy rice based protein drinks off amazon and take a daily multivitamin this should help put a little bit of weight back on but you shouldn't be on the fodmap diet for so long. I really do think you should see a different dr to see if you can get further tests. Don't take no for an answer, if the next dr doesn't help then ask for another. Just explain that the symptoms are not getting any better and that it's getting you down, any doctor who has an ounce of sympathy should then help you out more. Lay it on a bit thick as well, that always helps. X

  • I will have a look on amazon thanks! I can't eat bread plus many other groups in fodmap diet! Ive been reintroducing foods into the fodmap diet-i was only on elimination for a few weeks! But ive been off my food so im not eating much! I received a letter with my gastro appointnent yesterday finally!! Thanks

  • That's really good. Let us know how it goes. X

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