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Some bloating/trapped wind relief! Update

Hi all - I've had some success and wanted to share. Excuse that this is so long...

I've suffered with horrendous bloating/trapped wind/constipation for months following a nasty cocktail of meds last year (codeine, diazepam, naproxen) - a huge change from IBS-D/bloating I had for years previously. Over 20 years I've tried every pill, potion, diet change, exclusion, tea, oil, supplement known to man.

The NHS refused to test for SIBO (too "controversial a diagnosis") but referred me to a gastro and dietitian. They had planned to try fodmap but my food diary was balanced and showed no pattern for triggers (which helpfully concluded my trigger was ..."food"!) Instead she recommended the following...:

- 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and/or flaxmeal (ground linseeds) every day in whatever form possible (as porridge or in yogurt/soup, on salad/meals/cereals etc)

-As much soluble fibre as possible a day (from certain fruit/veg)

-As little insoluble fibre as possible (whole bran and esp wheat even though i'm not intolerant, certain fruit/veg)

-Up to 5 litres of water a day

-Doing gut exercises as many times a day as possible

I was sceptical, but it's been quite the revelation!? Yes the oat/flaxmeal is tasteless/dry/boring but I've had such great improvement already it's worth it. I always took a walk after lunch (and am fairly active) but hadn't realised how much MORE SPECIFIC exercise is needed in that area for good gut motility. She recommended various yoga floor exercises but at work I head to the disabled loo and do the following a few times a day:

-Inhale, lift arms above head, hold breath, bend to touch toes and bounce whilst exhaling. Repeat 5-10 times.

-Twist from the waist as far to the right as poss, back to the middle - pause, then twist the other way - upto 20 times.

-Squats raising arms above head - 5-20 times.

Essentially anything that stretches, compresses, twists or inverts the middle gets the contents moving (together with the additional soluble fibre and water). And as the soluble fibre creates a soothing protective gel, it allegedly also helps stabilise IBS-D.

I will stick with this and hope that others also find some relief! Obviously requires commonsense (it won't replace specific diets for intolerances, and flexibility varies) but the combination of this with the right sort of fibre is an absolute godsend!

Wishing you all luck!


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Thanks for this information. It wasn't too long and very informative. I agree with you I think more soluble fibre is better. The waistline excercises make a lot of sense, I will be doing those today.

Thanks again.

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Hi there Lulu,

I'm so pleased you have found some relief. As I have been posting on the subject of SIBO and Candida, I thought this might interest you, maybe as a next step:



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