48 hours of relief!!!!

After what seems like a constant battle with ibs, mainly bloating uncomfortable feeling and cramps, I had 2 full days of relief. I actually had a bit of an appetite which I can count on one hand the number of times I've had in the past few years. However yesterday back to normal with the severe bloating even after going to the toilet. I had some tomato ketchup as part of my dinner, anyone finds this an ibs trigger? From what I can tell it doesn't really seem to matter what I eat my symptoms are the same. I do feel that it is a psychological thing as 3 blood tests came back all clear a year ago, my anxiety and stress levels are enormous I feel as suffer from OCD and huge social anxiety. I haven't worked for about 16 months due to the IBS and honestly can't ever see me leading a normal life because of it. Just wanted to know whether anybody found ketchup to be a trigger, clutching at straws looking for an answer to this never ending nightmare really!

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  • The trouble seems to be that the trigger is different for everyone. That's what makes it difficult to isolate what it is. Also some things are fine for weeks and can still trigger an attack. It's all about a life change of eating carefully and as least processed food as possible. Good luck.

  • Don't think your IBS is anything to do with food sounds more like its STRESS related - try Silicolgel and ONE Phenergan (hayfever tab) before sleep at night, mild sedative and calming for your stomach - has done wonders for me and I have not touched a single Imodium in weeks!!!

  • Please be careful in the one of Phenergan. It has a very long half life meaning it takes a very long time to clear your body. Any extra doses taken before it has cleared your system simply accumulate & can end up over sedating you. Drivers be very aware of this effect.

  • Stress can be an enormous IBS trigger. I suggest that you see an excellent Gastro doctor and maybe a psychiatrist to address this.

  • Can't say I have felt 'sleepy' the next day or any of the days following, however thank you for advice, as I do drive but am very aware of the Phenergan, which so far anyway seems to not affect me in my daily life - just so glad to have a full eight hours sleep each night at last!!

  • Thanks for the advice guys. I just wish the world who don't suffer from ibs (employers, friends and family etc) would take it very seriously as it can be so debilitating to doing everyday normal things.

  • IBS and gut issues are a mess - Its a snowball of issues that all trigger themselves over and over and grind you down till you just do not want to fight it all - I have found tomatoes in general to be a trigger for me but it also does not seem to matter what I eat - I have done all the diets etc..

  • It may be the sugar in the ketchup that is setting you off. Even though this is not a total solution, working out what your triggers are is really necessary to be able to heal your digestive tract. This post on my blog may be interesting for you: sickofibs.com/ibs-triggers/...

    I can really relate to what you are saying. I went through it for 25 years - and I beat it. Your anxiety and IBS may well be directly related and fuelling each other. There are several articles on my blog that may be of inspiration to get you started.

    Hope this helps you,


  • I am Bipolar, and get very bad D, and when I went to Hosp for tests to find out prob, of spasms and D,,,,,,,,,,,,, nothing could be found!!!!!!! and doc said it might be my Bipolar meds???? Lithium and Fluoxetine??????

  • I used to take medication for my OCD/anxiety and depression but stopped about a year ago as no real affect. I was on Fluoxitine mainly. My ibs symptoms were the same on or off the medication so I have ruled that factor out. Sometimes there may just not be a real cause and one just has a very sensitive stomach, as it is completely exhausting always looking for a reason/explanation for such a serious issue. It has been exhausting for me anyway lol. Thank you for your ideas though.

  • When the doc doesn't know, about this 'complex' illness :( But its good to discuss on here, even though, what works for one!!! does not work for another!!!!! This site is very helpful,,,,,,,,,, Thankyou all,. :)

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