Bad Day

Had a terrible day yesterday, went the bathroom quite a few times, and each time I was in agony with my stomach and burning sensation in my nether regions, my ear and neck were also hurting rather badly, ended up having 2 massive anxiety attacks on top of everything, the last one being in the middle of the night, managed eventually to drop off to sleep and went to the doctors this morning, turns out I have a bad ear infection in both ears, i'm back on antibiotics and he has increased my nightly anti-depressants, the infection could possibly have been caused by the tests at the audiology dept, as they pumped hat and cold water into my ear canals because of my balance problems. The doctor said my stomach pains etc was most likely caused by a flare up of my diverticulitis because of the crap i'm swallowing due to the ear infection,

anyway that's my whinge and moan over, have good day everyone

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  • Hope you are much better soon!

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