Bad day

Hi everyone

After having a few very good days I'm now feeling helpless. I had salmon for dinner which i usually grill as anything to fatty or oily sets off my IBS. I fried it today with a bit of oil in the pan as I was already using the oven for something else. Now I am feeling nauseous and have got a lot of trapped wind. I'm feeling really down as when I feel I've got a grip on it, it decides to flare up. I recently had a blood test which showed I had an infection in my gut and a high iron level which my doctor said was my body's way of dealing with a reaction I had to a bit of cheese that I tried ( in the hope that my sensitivity to dairy might have gone) so I tried so hard to make sure I was eating the right things. On my second blood test 4 weeks later it showed that my iron level was back to normal but my liver test showed that I managed to develop a lack of an enzyme which helps break down food so got referred to a dietician. Does anyone have any advice? I'm really struggling to cope and feeling a bit alone with this :(.

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  • What else did you eat throughout the day apart from fried salmon?

  • I had a small bacon sandwich in the morning but I felt fine after that I didn't start feeling unwell until a about 4 hours after the salmon. Unless I had a delayed reaction with the bacon.

  • Could be - much more likely than the salmon I would've thought as fish doesn't absorb much oil when it's fried, but what veg and fruit did you eat throughout the day as well?

  • I had some aubergine parsnips and cherry tomatoes with dinner.

  • Nothing to hurt there then.

    However, it can take up to 48 hours for food to transit the digestive system, so maybe it was something from the previous day.

    Maybe the dietitian will be able to sort things out for you.

  • Is it cholecystokinin which your liver is failing to produce? Production should also take place within the walls of the intestine. One of the major problems with a lack of CCK is the inability to ralise when you are full.

  • I'm not sure my doctor just said one of the enzymes I should of asked which one really. I don't think it's CCK because I always know when I'm full.

  • Sounds more like Coeliac to me, You have had gluten in a sandwich, 'sensitive' to dairy, maybe have a test for ceoliac now before going gluten free?

  • Thank you I will definitely talk to my doctor about that

  • Hi

    Sorry your having a bad ime. if i eat ,aubergine,parships, or tomotoes i get ibs.try skinless toms/aubergines.



    iv been better this last week realised vit c tabs had artifical sugar in! and stopped eating tomotoes

    hope you soon feel better

  • Thank you I'll definitely try that!

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