Stomach upset really bad

Hi. For the passed 2 days I've been suffering with really bad upset stomach I wake up in the morning perfectly fine took the dog out and have breakfast about an hour later my stomach is really bad I mean bad with diarrhoea and stomach ache if I don't have breakfast then I'm okay I'm wondering if it was the shreddies I'm having so I went to Frosties but no help so I'm left with the milk but I dunno I feel sick then I have a panic attack I do have anxiety also my anxiety has been really bad.

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  • Well I have a similar reaction after having milk or any lactose, have you tried lactose free milk or soya milk, it might be worth trying, I think the milk might be causing your stomach upset which in turn then makes you feel poorly.

  • I'm actually going to try lactose free milk and see if that helps. I feel really ill and have really bad nausea.

  • It might be a milk intolerance so, like daisie said, you could try lactose free milk (tastes just like normal milk) or a non-dairy milk. This doesn't mean you need to avoid milk all the time, either. I've found that what my stomach can tolerate varies from day to day depending on my level of anxiety/depression. You might even find that if you're extremely anxious, whatever you eat first thing in the morning may bother you. What are you doing to help manage your anxiety?

  • I'm going to try lactose free milk. The medication I'm on is Citlopram I'm on the full dosage but doesn't seem to help.

  • You might find that counselling could help you manage your depression more and as for the drugs, if you don't think they are helping I would suggest going to speak to your GP. There are alternatives out there which might work better. Doctors can be reluctant to regularly change antidepressants because of the side effects and the time it takes to switch between them, but if they aren't helping maybe it's worth the effort to swap. You might even notice a change in mood as you're weaned off the citalopram, which might give you some faith the drugs actually work.

  • I suffer with colitis and I find it is wheat and corn which is causing me problems, also have to watch how much cows milk I have. Have you tried having a egg for breakfast instead of cereal, to see if it is the cereal which is causing you problems, it is just a case of trialing different foods to see what your triggers are. Best of luck

  • I can't seem to have eggs it gives me real bad diareha. Trying to find the triggers is proving really hard for me.

  • I cam relate to that!! In fact ive just had fruit& fibre cos i.m constipated..again!! I use warm water instead of milk on it.yuk!!

  • My stomach bubbles loads after cereal but I don't get stomach aches with it.

    I tried lacto free milk but only one carton, I might try it again for a longer period.

    I've had really bad stomach aches twice now from eating eggs so I'm cutting them out.

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