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Some advice please

I have ibs , reflux/ gerd and anxiety and at the moment i have aches and pain in my tummy and back, my tummy is achy and a bit grumbly and my back is quite painful its feels sore in the soft bit middle area and can ache around my hips and a shooting pain up to my left shoulder occasionally not sure if related, im getting my self in a pickle thinking i have an ulcer that could be bleeding (no evidence of this) any advice please

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If you had an ulcer that was bleeding you would be in hospital or dead,so knock that one out of the equation please.As for the rest well i am not a doctor but i too suffer with acid reflux/gerd and anxiety,meds from the doctor do help as does what i eat and what time of day i eat.If you haven't seen a doctor yet i would advise that you do so. Regards Kipper1958


What has helped for me is low-fodmap diet, physical excercising and mindfulness practice.

Mindfullness practice called bodyscan has been very effective. I find that when I get to lower back, it relaxes, and at the same time my tummy relaxes. But I have to take time for it, not rush, and just begin from toes upward.

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Hi I have had bleeding ulcers and am still here-I was vommiting blood and poo was black.

After every meal I went sooo tired and then was throjectile vommiting.

I had the gastroscope treatment and am fine now BUT I nver go without food for long periods of time anymore. it was causedby too much IBUPROFEN and not enough food.


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Hi, thanks for reply i only ever take paracetamol due to allergies, i think its just bad mix of ibs and reflux. I have a doctors appointment on monday.


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