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Want some advice please

Hey everyone...

I have been reading thru the posts on here as my doctor believes I could have ibs and I don't know a lot about it, I know my nan had it that's it really.

So I will start at the beginning I went down with the runs and then had what I believe was the flu my doctor said it was a viral infection. But I am still having the runs but not as bad it's been like a month now but I do have solid movements before I have the runs so I am going like 2-3 times a day starts solid the gets loose. I started off after the flu to find it hard to eat as my stomach hurt when I was eating and less when I wasn't so starving was easier to do I know it wasn't right. But now I have my hungrier back been eating a lot really but still lose movements. I had been on so many Meds now and done 7 blood test and on my second bowel test. They have given me some anexiety/depression tablets, had two different types of antibiotics and peptic, anti sickness tablets, anti reflex tablets, sertraline, hyoscine butyl bromide. I have been off work for a month and just been given another sick note for two weeks. The antibiotics was for what they believe was bowel bacterial viral infection and the stomach bacterial viral infection.

My day starts by getting up needing to go bathroom not a bad movement then go for a fag then need to go again water bowel movement then stomach pains come so try and eat toast then will need to go again lose again. Give it a couple of hours and I am fine can eat always seem hungry, get a lot of noises and movement and wind from stomach and bowels. Really at about 9-10pm go to sleep in pain.

I have had a lot to deal with other the last few months. Since November left my wife and kids , new job, then promotion, new gf, new house in new area. Then been off sick had a lot of time to think.

I know it don't help but nervous about going back to work I start work at 5am so how can I do all this movements before then ya know would have to be up at 3am. Don't want to lose my job!

Sorry if this is all confusing but wanted to give as much information as possible so I can see if it is so I can helpmyself with new diets or Meds or something. Just want to be right again.

Thanks for ya time Matt

P.s sorry abouspelling and stuff not the sharpest tool in the tool box lmao

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Hi Matt, there is a good possibility that it was the antibiotics that is/was the cause of all your loose bowels... Dr's are hestitant to tell you that, however...

There is also a good possibility that your anxiety over all of this keeps perpetuating it... and I am not BLAMING you ... I am just saying that's how it goes sometimes! :) Are you taking a good probiotic? If not, please give it a try. Don't try to save money by getting the cheapest ones...because even if they ARE all overpriced... you need a good, effective, highly recommended one. Sometimes Drs are slow to tell you THAT, too. Also, never discount the help that a good therapist might bring to you (and bring OUT of you...) You've been through a lot and your marriage breaking up is a biggie... Also, maybe one of the meds is the trigger for diarrhea????

Sometimes when people suggest a therapist, some will want to say LOOK! I'm not crazy! Nope... you are NOT... but really...you would be surprised at how much they can help if you give them a chance and are extremely HONEST and upfront with them... don't try to 'impress' them with such 'sane answers!' :)

You sound like a decent, likeable person, Matt. Just make sure you are really helping yourself... Take care and do think about seeing a therapist...even if its short term.


Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my post I have found your words and advice very helpful and touching. I am with sounding big-headed a nice person and care a lot for everyone around me and I am feeling that I am hurting them all because of me been down mainly because of been ill. It's uncomfortable been like this...

Is there a probotic that you would recommend as when I look I see a lot of types and would like to give it a good shot so a nudge in the right direction even if it's just your opinion would be very helpful and appreciated

Again thank you for taking time to help me with your kind words and advice.


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Hi Matt,

I use Nature's Way Primadophilus Original... it only costs around $12 for a bottle of 90... which I take usually in the middle of the night (first bathroom run :) ) but take them on an empty stomach. I would do two capsules at once for about a week, if I were you, then taper down to one per day...

I hope it will help you! You can pay a LOT more for many of them... but I get along fine with what I am using.


Matt, I agree with everything BettyA says. A gastroenterologist told me of one probiotic to take 3 years ago. It worked for awhile. Not long ago, a dietician suggested trying another one. Apparently sometimes we need to change probiotics. Something to think about for the future. I got mine on Amazon. I think it's called Probiotic 10, it has a number anyway. It's working fairly well. I also eat Activia yogurt daily. It has a probiotic in it. You might consider asking to see a dietician for help with food choices and supplements. Take care, Nesie237


Thank you nesie and Betty, I will try these probotic going to go chemist and see what they have in stock, then speak to my doctors when I have to take my stool sample in later

thanks again



Hi Matt! I also deal woth some IBS issues. My doctor suggested tonme the FODMAP diet and it has helped me so much. It is a rather harsh diet, but if you are feeling so miserable, it could be worth a shot. It basically eliminates all foods that cause a lot of gas. I really didn't think it would work for me, especially since it was kind of linked with my anxiety, but it has done wonders. It is a tough diet to maintain, but I would ask your doctor or a nutritionist about it.

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Thank you have been doing some research in to diets for people with ibs and this diet has come up and worked for a lot of people.



Your original message stated that you didn't know much about IBS and wanted to know a bit more. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of facts but I will try and fill you in on what we know.

IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome and it affects up to 20 percent of the population. The syndrome means that it is a mixture of symptoms so people can have pain, gas, diarrhoea, constipation, nausea and bloating in any number of combinations. The infuriating thing is that we don't know an awful lot about what causes it.

About 10 percent of cases happen after a stomach bug, and there is evidence that you are more likely to experience IBS if the bug hit you at a time of stress/trauma. However, the underlying mechanisms that cause the IBS aren't really known. There could be changes to the intestinal tissue or to the balance of the bacteria in your gut.

Another cause is what people refer to as SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). In this condition, patients have significantly more bacteria in their small intestine than normal. Bacteria are mainly found in the large intestine where they eat the food the rest of your gut can't digest. However, in SIBO these bacteria find their way into the small intestine (possibly due to stress or infection but not known) so they start digesting food before you can, and the products of this digestion (like gas and metabolites) cause some of the symptoms.

Like all the others have said, probiotics, low FODMAP diet, alternative meds and therapy might all help. I tackle my IBS through a mixture of low FODMAP diet, anti-anxiety tablets and therapy and it really is making a difference. I never realised how anxious or out of control I felt until I started talking to someone about it. From what you've described, you could be in a similar boat.

I hope you find a way out of your current situation but rest assured there are a number of us on the forum who are willing to help you the best we can, and there are more and more treatments coming on to the market for IBS. It's a slow waiting game, and it isn't resolved overnight, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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I am really touched by how many people care. I wrote the message not expecting anyone to comment back but the info and help you guys have offered to me is more than my doctors have done in over month.

Thank you for taking time out of your days to share you knowledge with me. I am going to try all the steps and start by working out what is my trigger foods and also seek some medical help as in speak to a councillor.

Thanks again good look with your journeys

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