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Advice Please :)

I am 21 years old. I think I have IBS. I have been tested for gluten intolerance and Crohns disease, both negative. So, using common sense, I blame my symptoms on IBS.

In the last year or 2, my symptoms have become much worse.

However, after a 6 month period of almost no symptoms at all, I thought I was rid of this awful thing!!

But, the last few days have told me different.

After eating, I will have the "oh dear here it comes" stomach cramps - resulting in loose stools - but not always liquid, just upset (if that makes any sense) - mushy - nasty word but best way to describe it.

I have the weird gurgling noises from my tummy for no apparent reason sometimes.

Plus, I don't really get hungry much - I don't have a big desire to eat either.

I used to have big issues in the morning, I would wake up - have a stomach ache every morning without fail and loose stools - this was happening every day.

But now it seems that my symptoms are coming back around.

I get very anxious about being sick - so the moment I get "crampy" and have loose stools - my first thought is that I have norovirus - which makes me worry - which I know does not help the situation.

I do not have the best diet, I don't eat unless I'm home to stay for the night - to avoid getting the "D" out in public, and when I do eat - its usually bland food to hopefully keep my tummy happy.

I get bloated and gass etc, it may be uncomfortable but It does not bother me at all, its the D which does, so i am a regular taker of Immodium (gift from god that stuff) when it all flares up.

Another thing I wish to mention, usually when I flare up - Ill have loose stools once. Very rarely more than that. But afterwards my tummy will feel sore and painful for the whole day.

On a couple of occasions, I have had 3-4 bouts of loose stool in a short space of time, so it seems that when it flares up, its daily but all in one go, not all day.

Sorry for the long description!!

So, Im hoping someone will be able to let me know if they have similar experiences, or if this does not sound like IBS or what I can do to just feel normal I guess!!!

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Snap !! Although you tested negative to gluten and wheat you can still have a sensivity to them ,this is what I was told by my dietician . I was the same as you then think I'll just have something bland but I fact that's whts making the stomach worse !

Living with ibs is utter rubbish I have for 16 years sometimes it's worse then I i think I'm half normal for a while and then it hits you again.

Why don't you try cutting down on wheat and dairy for a few weeks see how it goes it's hard I know have you tried the lowfod map diet ?

Good luck your not alone xxx


Same here - all tests negative etc etc but i have the same symptoms as you. I did the Low FODMAP diet last February - 8 weeks elimination and then the reintroduction phase which did not show up any particular foods as a problem. But what it did do was give my tummy a 'rest' and I have felt really good most of last year - until the past 2 months........ think I will have to eliminate everything high FODMAP again. Just when I thought it was sorted.................


Keep a food and bowel movement diary with timings

If you do an intolerance test only do one food group at a time and for at least 3 weeks keeping your diary going

Buy a RADAR key which will open any disabled toilet

Cabbage and related greens also cause wind so it's maybe best to avoid these


I've done a lot of research on Coeliac disease and it seems like the only way to know if you actually have it is to just give up gluten for a few weeks and see if you feel better. Its probably worth a try


Used to go several times in morning, then at work, probably in afternoon and then sometimes even in evening. Loose and urgent. Tried low FODMAP diet as recommended by fellow members and though I sometimes have an odd turn, it is rare now and I only go twice in the morning and that's it on a good day. Still have problems when knowing I need to travel so use Imodium which I should buy shares in! But I recommend low FODMAPS, eating three regular meals sat down and calm with no drinks with food or 20mins before or after so digestive juices can really work on the food (nutritionist told me this).


I agree with Sarat1 completely


I really sympathise, I suffered exactly the same as you for 5 years with my consultant blaming IBS, I had every test under the sun (or so I thought) eventually when I broke down in my consultants office he tested me for BSM (Bile Salt malabsorption) which confirmed that my IBS had wrongly being diagnosed for all this time! The test itself isn’t great (they make you radioactive) but getting the diagnosis has changed my life, simple tablet has changed my life!



I would recommend taking NORMACOL .Doctor can Prescribe I think it will help with the D. problem much better to use daily than Imodium. iv found mushrooms, onions and sultanas as well as lager and fizzy drinks all bring on ibs. i peel all my fruit an veg, which i think helps too.

iv just had a vit d test by my doc and i was a bit low so iv topped up from local chemist. low vit d can cause to be susceptible to ibs and low resistance to virus/infections. worth getting it tested. im a sun lover but we dont get much of that in the winter and sitting in a windowless office for work. iv suffered for 20 years so hqve tried most things.walking good for getting the bowel into rythym. always made worse by stress. pilates may help iv started doing this since October. try to attend even with ibs as sometimes feel better after so worth the effort to still attend. hope all this helps.gra


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