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Pain worse at night

I've had IBS for 20+ years and have been dealing with a flare up now for two months. Went to my doctor and she ordered an EGD to rule out ulcer. Nothing was found, which is good, but still having bowel issues. Pain is worse at night just like I've been reading other posts on here. Usually taking Levsin helps but that is barely helping this time. I'm thinking this is something worse than IBS, eve though my doctor assured me it's not. I'm on the FODMAP diet, which is horrible. Nothing sounds good to eat and have been nauseous at times. Would like to her order CT scan for peace of mind.

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Hi Renee, I`m new on the forum but had IBS for years. My doctor assures me that if it was anything really serious my weight would reduce quite drastically which it hasn't. A main cause for me is artificial sweeteners so I know to avoid them. Hope this helps.


Ask to be referred for an endoscopy

I'm having problems with my symptoms and the doctor told ne last evening that an endoscopy would be recommended after 6 weeks of symptoms


Renee, This may sound really simplistic, but if your symptoms are changing for the worse, your body is telling you loud and clear that you need to take notice. Stress is a likely trigger for you. Unloading all you can in the way of stimulants (coffee, alcohol) and relaxing as much as possible should may things improve. Easy to say, not easy to do, I know:)

Maybe start with this: sickofibs.com/well-being/a-...

I had IBS for over 25 years (chronic IBS for 10) - and I have got rid of it. Know that is possible for you too.



Hi Renee, for me mornings and nights seem to the times when pain is more piercing/excruciating (although I also have pain throughout the day). I'm on the FODMAP diet and that hasn't made any difference at all, so you may be the same. There are all sorts of tests out there you could do (i.e. abdominal scan, colonoscopy, etc.), although if you have IBS then the results are likely to come back "all clear". It's just the nature of this "invisible illness". However I encourage you to still go ahead and do them, mainly for peace of mind. Keep positive and best of luck.


Thanks for all your reassurance. I'm scheduled for a CT of my abdomen next week. Hopefully everything will be fine. I really think now that stress and worry is my problem, but this is the worst it's ever been. I've had flare ups in the past and it usually only lasts a few days, not 2 1/2 months.


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