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IBS in the night?


Hello. I'm new here so apologies if I make a mistake here. I have been suffering with a self diagnosed ibs for years. I am 24 my doctor is aware of how I'm feeling and has suggested a possible gluten intolerance may be making me worse but to be tested for it I need gluten in my diet so I'm still eating it. I am finding a few nights a week I will wake up between 2-3am feeling very sick and feeling like I'm going to throw up. I get to the toilet and have a bowel movement which is usually normal not diarrhoea like. Then after about an hour of having that I will start to feel better but during that hour between waking up and going the toilet I'm feeling terribly sick spend most of the hour on the bathroom floor drinking water and trembling. Does anyone else have this. I have read ibs shouldn't effect your sleep but I can only think it to be ibs and nothing more considering the sickness goes after I got to the toilet.

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A lot of people find they're lactose intolerant too - thats a possibility. But first you need to contact your doctor. Get a referral to a doctor who will perform an intolerance test. It does sound like a food allergy/intolerance but it needs to be confirmed before you cut out a major food group.


Hi,yes I get this in the night also,its lasts for hours with me the pain is horendeous and usually end up with me vomiting and diarhea,Ive had this for 24yrs,Im also on facebook ibs support site and lots on there get it to.


You obviuosly have had no hospital tests for a diagnosis - there are other bowel conditions

Acolonoscopy will determine if there is another condition that is causing your symptoms

You can doyour own intolerance tests by leaving 1 food group out ofyour diet at a time, like daity or glurten, keeping afood and symptom diary to see what changes there might be

If you have hospital tests you should not change your diet as this could affect the results

Hi IBS can effect your sleep just ask the hundred's of us on the IBS group on facebook but you could also be lactose intolerant as this used to happen to me I would wake in the night with nocturnal diarrhoea for a long time until I was tested for lactose intolerance but I was found to be borderline so it was up to me to give up dairy or not I decided to stop and since that day over 6 years ago I have not been woken with nocturnal diarrhoea. So do get yourself tested for all the possibilities as you might have other things going on.

Waking to pass a motion is highly unusual, when do you eat your main meal and what sort of food is it that you eat? x

Hi, generally speaking IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome) does not affect one during sleep. IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), on the other hand can and frequently does. The only way to know the difference is by biopsy during colonoscopy. There are some other things to consider as well such as others have mentioned- time of your last food intake, types of foods you eat, allergies, etc.

Just some things to consider- best wishes on getting a good, uninterrupted sleep.

Hi Sophie babe what that sounds like to me ibs but I would ask your doctor for a blood test to test for coeliac disease becouse I was like you pains nausea & never far away from the toilet & ten yrs of thinking it was ibs untill I got so ill with eaten gluten but to test for coeliac you have got to eat a lot of gluten for the blood test but dont suffer like I did for yrs babe take care patricia


Hi I have this and apart from IBS/IBD am just being tested for diabetes; I have been having IPO's during the night with symptoms just like yours. I have also had the problem on walks with my dog. being only 5 mins away from home was scary has I found it diificult to walk cos I was so week. Now I'm onto waking up drenched in sweat and aving to change bedding and t shirt and dry my hair !

Do let me know how you get on

Blessings S x

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