Pain under right ribs radiating to back. Worse at night and when lying down

Hi everyone - I'm new to this, but can across it and was wondering if anyone could help! I've had really bad stabbing pains almost under my right ribs. The pain radaiats to upper back, shoulder blades and shoulde tips! It's worse at night and when I lie down! I read online about pancreatic cancer and have totally freaked myself out! I'm never away from the hospital and doctors but they tell me it's nothing. They won't do an endoscopy because they say I have nothing wrong with me. They've tested my blood twice and done two ultrasound scans and nothing is showing up! Please can anyone help, I'm going crazy here!!

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  • Sounds like the pain I had with gallstones. You should ask a doctor to check for this.

  • When there are no answers that is never fun to deal with... but as I was told long ago, (this is mainly because I have pain everyday all day with no answers) my Dr told me that if it was something other than what we already know, I would already be dead.

    While this was hard to stomach - it is also in many cases true, as in if it was truly serious or cancer or other, after 10 years plus of dealing with issues and pain, I would more than likely be dead, but you always need to rule out the issues.

    I have found in many cases just moving forward and trying to at least maintain a semi normal life helps.

    Also it is important for me to give tests etc a break in many cases it is all the tests and anxiety that also drives the symptoms.

    Does this pain reduce with any kind of over the counter meds like antacids etc?

  • I had this turned out had gallbladder problems. Had it removed and this aspect of my symptoms went. Doctors said nothing wrong for quite a while. Worth asking for a referral.

  • Sounds like gall stones - were your scans on your abdomen?

  • Hi. It could be pressure (wind) building up due to IBS. That can start at the bottom of right side ribs, and can be painful and a bit scary. I suggest checking out the other symptoms to IBS. If you think you have them, go and see a GP for diagnosis. Good luck

  • I have been having similar discomfort...last night it occurred to me that my ribs/spine may just have got stiffer there...i am aphysio. So i showed my husband how to mobilise did stop the pain however it never lasts a long time. I will have to see how it goes. You could always see a physio to check it out?

    I also occasionally get discomfort like that from reflux when i lie down. Gaviscon stops it!

  • I had this and as others have said it turned out to be gallstones.

  • i have had a right-sided, under the ribs, itch/pain/ that eases up when i lay on it at night. i have had all kinds of tests done. in the testing, i found out i had bladder cancer. i had the tumor removed. but that right-sided pain comes back and is with me almost all day. i've had this for years and have been told it could be: post-hepatic shingles, IBS, gas, inflamed ribs. nothing gets rid of it and no test confirms it.

    i now just live with it, but will start a probiotic called VSL#3. that's all i know.

  • HI, I developed this pain in October 2014 and have been suffering since. Doctor said IBS I didn't believe him, I been hospital endless times. My weight was 12.5 stone in October by November i weighed 9 stone. My pain is under lower right rib, down to my right groin and right side. It never goes it aches all day long. I have had colonoscope, endescope, gall scans, kidney scans, liver scans, CT Scans, ultrasounds, endless blood tests, poo test and wee tests. 90% of the time I just get on with the aches, but sometimes all the pain goes, not for long 2 weeks the most. I have changed diet - didn't help. Sometimes for 4-5 days the aches are pretty unbareable but I have noticed this happens when constipated with trapped wind. Theres nothing you can do about this other than try to be comfortable. I find hot water bottle on side and round back helps. Laying in a warm bath and massage stomach gently to release some trapped wind, it does help. When it is quite severe only drink water, helps in so many ways. No IBS tablets work for me. Bread and eggs I eat very very rarely as it blocks me up. The endescope revealed a stomach infection, I took the tablets and that was the end of the feeling bloated problem I had for 6 months, drinking gaviscon and being very uncomfortable. My only problem now is the runs, constipation and the really annoying ache. I thought I would type all this to let you know your not alone and my experiance's which are still going on today in July 2015. Doctors have literally given up on me and are stumped as nothing works. I wish you all the best and if you need to ask any questions pm me and I try to help. Its very worrying I know I still worry today there is no getting used to the uncertainty feeling :)

  • Also mine makes no difference before the loo or after, pain level never changes, its constant

  • Whilst I sympathise it is such a relief to know others have the same.

    I have a patch on my back I scratch when the pain and itch builds up under my right ribs. So weird!

    Doctors have given up on me too.!

    I have tries products with Simethicone in in UK you can buy Windeze and Deflatine which helps a lot with wind and swelling. Other than that I find myself constantly rubbing or pushing at my right side!

    Worry or stress really contributes so wonder if antidepressants low dose might be the answer? Just feels wrong having to drug yourself?

    Any ideas?

  • I also asked about them, My doctor advised against antidepressants, he said "that's not the way to go is it, you will become dependant on them" Easier said than done I know but try not to let it get you down, I too constantly rub and push on the right side, I had it now for 9 months constant with maybe 3 weeks in total break from it. I pretty much ignore it now where possible and am learning to live with it, but sometimes it can really dig away at you and drag you down. I found a 2 weeks coarse of 2mg Diazepam helped me but after, the doctor refused to give them to me due to addictiveness, the pains came straight back. These tablets relax all the muscles, super addictive but surprisingly they worked but are not too be taken long term I am told. He is aware they did work a lot but also said they was not the solution. Maybe ask your doctor about them, 2 weeks relief I had on them.

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