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Hi, I haven't been diagnosed with Ibs. I am 35 year old female. I suffer constant stomach cramps in lower abdomen and sometimes bottom of back. I get bloating, bad smelling wind. I have also had blood when doing a poo which I was told I have a small internal hemorrhoid. I get mucas most time i go toilet and even if i pass wind sometimes mucas comes out. Sorry know its not nice reading this but i am so worried. I have had blood tests which all came back ok and a stool sample which also showed up ok. I had an ultrasound on ovaries, kidneys, liver and bladder and nothing shown on there either. I'm having a colonoscopy Tuesday and I'm dreading it. I'm so scared that they will find the worst. Does anyone else have any of these symptoms? Thanks x

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  • Hi Yes I have lots of these tests; NO NEED TO BE SCARED; tests, even the major one dont always show anything BUT still you have IBS

    Very Best Wishes

  • I have exactly the same. I have tried all the drugs. Had all the tests and had cameras in every orifice. Only to be told it is IBS. DONT WORRY ALL WILL BE OK.

  • Oh I was like this as well.... And ugh ...stress makes it worse...try to stay as calm and optimistic as possible

  • Hi I don't think they will find anything. Your blood tests will have ruled out serious illnesses. Possible a polyp but I think you have ibs.

    Have you tried keeping a food diary.?



  • Try not to fear the worst. Your symptoms are common for IBS, so relax and take comfort in the fact that you'll have some answers soon.

  • I have have also had every test imagineable. I have tried diets, medications, everything you can think of; nothing seems to work for me. I hope you have a much better outcome.

  • Hello Jenny I'm in the same boat as you, done every known test, tried every recommendation to "ease" (they say, yeah right!) the symptoms: NOTHING works. Patience, sheer willpower/determination & a good sense of humour are my only allies at the moment. It's not easy, we all deserve medals 🥇

  • Your right we should get gold medals.

  • Hello there,

    It could be an IBD such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease and although one of the chronic and incurable conditions, the best thing you can do is seek quick medical intervention. By undertaking a colonoscopy you are on the right path. If you are really scared you can always get sedated for the procedure (that's what I did, as was unsure if would find really painful or not). I have some similar symptoms (& many more) though not bleeding so IBS ruled out, however the downside is that in my case it's an "invisible illness" (diagnosed IBS) and the worst is my daily battle with pain (10-12 hours daily non-stop) so a lot of patience and willpower is required, status: permanently exhausted:-(

    My heartfelt sympathy & understanding goes out to all affected. To be honest, I'm finding more support from forums such as this one and IBS meet-up groups than from medics or friends. Good luck and believe in yourself!

  • This group has helped me quite a but. This best all of you.

  • Hi everyone. Thanks for all your replies. I had my colonoscopy on the 14th February and I have been diagnosed with ulcerative proctitas. They also took random biopsies so waiting on them. Has anyone else got proctitas? I would love to have a better understanding of this. I'm taking anti imflametry suppositories for this at the moment. Still bad cramps though x

  • Some of your symptoms sound like mine.

    I had rectal bleeding with mucus. My GP sent me for a colonoscopy and I was found to have ulcerative colitis.

    Whatever they find with your colonoscopy will possibly reassure you as you will at least know what's wrong and should then get the right treatment.

    Do ask for sedation when you have your colonoscopy as it can be quite uncomfortable.

    Good luck

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