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Sometime please help

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I am struggling. Real bad.

Every night I go to bed feeling like I have a somewhat upset stomach.

Everyday I take imodium

Ive got into the habit of eating the same thing every - free from digestive biscuits for breakfast, some sort of potato for lunch (be it jacket potato, smiley faces, potato waffles) and baked chicken with another form of potato for dinner, in the evening I have a snack of either dark chocolate or free from chocolate. Everyday. Every single day. And I still feel horrible and unwell. Anything else I feel like effects me.

I have come off the contraceptive pill to see if that helps as I have research in the fact that the pill effects gut flora. But I feel like it may have made things worse. Great

I'm going on holiday to America over Christmas in a little over a week and I'm not in the slightest excited because everyday I feel so rough and always bloated

I don't know what to do

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Hi Molly,

If you are already on strict diet then you could try the elimination diet for a week or two.

Eat cooked chicken, rice, potato, banana. Simple things that easy to digest.

If it helps then you could slowly add back other foods to your diet.

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MollyMouse in reply to Kentaro

I think that's a good idea, see what foods I can actually eat. Thank you for your response!

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huggit in reply to Kentaro

Yes same here going to a gastro tomorrow as feel yuck! Need to get out of this have basically described my life too!!

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MollyMouse in reply to huggit

Aw it's horrible ☹️ good luck, please let me know how you get on and if you find anything out! X

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huggit in reply to MollyMouse

Will do 😁

Bless you Mollymouse

I was exactly the same and i kept a food diary for a while to see what my trigger foods were. For me bread nd bread products, potatoes,milk set me off so ive changed to soyamilk, cut bread out during weekdays (for the most part) and cut back on potatoes, very rarely have ajacket spud for lunch as that seemed to exaccerbate my symptoms. For the past week or so ive lowered my carbs even further and aim to stick to approx 50g for a while

I hope youfigure out what works for you so you can enjoy your break xx

I eat so much potato like twice daily and I thought this was good as it is bland but from what I feel and the fact that you react badly to it makes me feel like I should test out not eating it for a while. Only problem is that I feel so limited anyway so I have no idea what to eat 😂 but I will definitely see if potato is partly the culprit as I already avoid milk and vread products xx

I went to America this time last year.. i was nervous to but as long as you have everything you need packed in a handbag or backpack. That puts your mind at ease a bit and when i arrived somewhere i cussed out toilets straight away that helped. I no this is so much easier said believe me but this is your holiday and your going to have a great time. When i was there they had a lot of gluten free options too. X

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MollyMouse in reply to Star1993

First of all thank you for your shared experience! Your advice is so helpful thank you, I will definitely keep all that I feel I might need in a bag I will always have with me so that I feel reassured and so that my mind is at rest, as well as scout out the nearest toilets.

You have made me feel a lot more confident in allowing myself to enjoy my holiday not spend it worrying! X

Hi Molly,

So sorry to hear that you are suffering to this extent!

I hope you find some relief before going to America. I feel for you as I too used to suffer with gastric problems and experienced bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, tummy pains, nausea, SIBO, and H.Pylori! 😱 I was able to correct my issues as soon as I became a Registered Nutritional Therapist as I practice Functional and lifestyle medicine and this me enabled to eliminate the root cause.

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist and my area of expertise being the gut, there are many things you can do.

Firstly, you need to get to the root cause of your symptoms. Whilst an elimination diet is an initial step, this diet should only be a temporary measure to relieve symptoms whilst you undergo tests in order to rule in or rule out whatever it is that is going on.

I use a 5 ‘R’ gut protocol: Remove, Replace, Repair, Reinoculate, Rebalance, in order to optimise my clients gut function. Part of this protocol is to identify the root cause through testing and then remove it, for example, bacteria, yeast, parasite etc

Do you still have a gallbladder?

Long-term use of Imodium is definitely not the answer as that is just placing a plaster over the symptoms and not addressing the root cause.

Have you had any tests so far, if you have, what testing have you had? Feel free to message me privately.

Good luck and I hope you get to enjoy your time in America!

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Montykat in reply to Helenbperks

Hi helen i would be very interested to speak with you as im also at the end of my tether and after so many years with problems i dont know where to start making changes and need some help and support

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Helenbperks in reply to Montykat

Hi Montykat

I will message you privately with my contact details.

You are so very kind, I will message you xx

Hi, just saw your post. I was wondering whether you had ever tried Symprove. I know someone who has been taking it for about 9 weeks now and her symptoms are very much improved, not perfect, but improved. I hope you find relief and good luck.

After reading the other comments i think you have received good advice - try and eat plain food, boiled rice, fish, soft vegetables (Not too much cabbage, or any green veg) drink plenty of fluids, i take some Aloe Vera (Holland & Barrett) along with 8 buscapan tablets when i get an upset stomach - i have to watch all bread and potatoes and most fatty foods - boring but it seems to work. On those days you feel down if you can go for a walk, fresh air seems to be a good tonic and its exercise.

Enjoy your holiday and try and stay positive.

You say "every night", well thinking about it.. you are expecting the worse and so it always occurs. The subconscious is a mischievous little monkey and gets up to all things when you let it.I found a change of routine before bedtime used to help me in a similar situation once.

Have your doctor prescribe you either Welchol or Colestipol. These 2 drugs are miracles as far as I'm concerned. I had chronic diarrhea for years and years and nothing help. I was housebound most of the time, especially all mornings. You will not be disappointed!

Sorry to hear how bad you feel,i got one tip from someone who suffered from Runny poos it was to take coconut Biscuits two or three in morning then same lunchtime and evening i have not tried it but what i find good for me is Gingernut Biscuits and Ginger Powder in my tea of a morning/Lunch and Tea,I take the powder at home in hot tea and Biscuits when i have to go out its easier to eat on the go.They seem to have a good way of calming down the stomach and keeping it settled it will not work after just one day but if you keep at it it should have a good effect by the third day and even better after a week. I find now i can take powder in morning in Tea and go till evening before having a Bananer at night with Ginger Biscuits.Hope that helps Mollymouse.

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