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New here

I notice that many people here get pain and/or cramps when they suffer a bout of faecal incontinence..... I get no pain, no cramps, no warning! The only thing I get very occasionally is a feeling like mild 'hunger pains', otherwise it just happens, and is quite explosive. Does anyone else have similar symptoms? I started having plain yoghurt for breakfast and didn't have an attack. I've now come back from holiday and started the yoghurt again and the problem has returned. Now I'm afraid to go out...

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I gave had the same issues,no diarrea or constipation .just cramping pain with wind incontinence .its not diet related.It's not sibo,lack of digestive enzyme, lack of /low stomach acid as I have had myself treated for all this. Try eating smaller meals. Plus drinking lot if water helps.I do get pain which I thought was cramp but it turns out my stomach is inflamed so when food reaches the area I feel pain .Cramping medication has been no use .Anti-inflamatories were much better but I stopped using them because I now use the pain as warning signal that I am about to have an episode of incontinence.


I have IBS but rarely get cramps or pain.

Have you seen a doctor to sort out if you have an underlying medical problem? Have you been tested for Coeliacs (gluten intolerance) and lactose intolerance?

You must get sorted so you can go out.


Have you tried a dairy intolerance test ?

Leave dairy out of your diet for at least 2/3 weeks keeping a food and symptom diary to monitor any changes

Substitute soya milk (I find Alpro best) and yoghurt


Many thanks for your responses. My attacks seem to be too random to pin down a cause. I never know whether I'm OK because I've cut something out of my diet, or whether I'm just being 'lucky' for a few weeks! I've seen consultants, had various tests and a sigmoidoscopy. No definitive answers, just told to increase fibre, I already eat loads and always have. I'm very aware of what I should or shouldn't be eating but the randomness of attacks makes it difficult to pin anything down. I haven't had any intolerance tests, or been offered any by my doctor. I will try keeping a food diary as cricketqueen suggests.


Part of the randomness could be that you have many food triggers, and they might not affect you each time. For myself, I think it's a combination of amount of trigger foods I've eaten over a period of time, the degree to which those particular foods affect me, my stress levels and my general health. For example, sometimes I can eat a couple pieces of stone fruit with no issues. But I know I'm playing a dangerous game as other times a half a piece of fruit and I'm sprinting to the loo. This makes problem foods tough to pin down. Luckily (?) I know that my problem foods act fast, so whatever is affecting me I've usually eaten within 30 minutes or less.


Hi<yes I often get this but am having help at the local hospital which my GP and consulatant organised for me-its qiute common.

I feel for you; its best to wear a pad before you go out and I also take meberverine to stop the poos

very best wishes


Hi Quby2,

I have no pain what so ever with my IBS either. If you can't pin point it to your diet,could it possibly be triggered by anxiety? 6 years ago I couldn't leave my home because I was so scared to go out incase I all of a sudden needed to go. But you have to remember that you will be OK. Try and go out somewhere that isn't far from home for maybe an hour. And slowly increase that. Don't lose your life like I did. I understand fully how this takes your life away but understanding why the IBS happens is half the battle. Hope you find peace with it soon.

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