Feeling alone, scared and in pain

Hi all,

Im at my lowest point with this awful disease. Cramps, urgency, and loose bowel movements is leaving me feeling alone, scared and in pain. Lately too even after I go to the bathroom my lower intestines are super achy. So, I cant get a break from it. Im wondering if there is also something else going on. Anyway, Im so afraid Im not going to feel better ever. Please reach put with any advice or just to say Hi.

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  • Hello, What is your diet like?

  • I started the FODMAT diet a week and a half ago but no change yet, I was hoping it would have a big change.

  • It sometimes takes a few weeks for your body to react to a new eating regime, give it time. :)

  • Keep at it. Have you been eating more of something to compensate? You might have a trigger that is non FODMAPS. All the premade gluten free food made me really sick. It's how I found I couldn't tolerate corn products.

  • So sorry to hear your cry for help. There are many people on this site to give you encouragement and help. Please don't despair and tomorrow is another day. Keep your chin up. xxx

  • Thank you Palynn❤️

    I've been looking for a solution and haven't found one yet. Have to keep trying it's just hard dealing with this every minute of every day. So glad I found this site.

  • Please keep in touch as there are some very knowledgable posters on this site. I have learned just so much more information on the IBS site. Hope you have a better day tomorrow and spoil yourself if you can xx

  • Ah bless you, I feel for you, IBS is an awful disease and so hard to treat and get some release from the pain & discomfort but you are not alone.....we're all here, going through it. No anti-spasmodic medications have ever worked for my IBS, but aloe vera juice helped sooth my intestinal tract quite a bit. Lots of people have tried FODMAPS diet which has brought them a lot of relief-have you tried that? I find certain foods are worse than others & have looked at the FODMAPS so I keep it in mind when I'm eating & obviously avoid things I know make mine worse..like high fibre products. Dont be afraid that its something bad, I have been like this in the past and it has never been anything other than IBS...so just relax & try not to stress so much as thinking like that will only make your IBS worse. Take care & hope you find some relief soon.

  • Hi Yelly, so sorry to hear what you're going thru', only us sufferers know how awful this condition is. I'd say a visit to your GP is called for. I know from what I've read on here, & my own experience, GP's are not always very good with IBS but these days they are our only way of accessing treatment. Ona personal note, I started taking Kalms herbal anti-anxiety tablets recently due to serious emotional upset in my familys' life & I've noticed my IBS has improved. May b worth a try. Good luck & keep your chin up :)

  • Hello Yelly,

    Know exactly what you are going thro' - I have found a huge help in Silicolgel taking just ONCE a day after main meal (usually Lunchtime for me) it says to take three times a day but too expensive for that, and once does the job anyway for me. It does not work out too expensive that way, roughly £3-00 odd, a week - DO TRY IT. Also as yours appears to be stress related, take Phenergan, a low dose sedative at night - its also good for hayfever and travel sickness so quite easy to buy over the counter if you say you have had it before - its also given to children so do not think there is any harm in taking it (check tho' if you are taking any other medications) this little blue pill is very CALMING and I now sleep better than I ever have, and SLEEP is half the cure for anything!!! Just take ONE and your stomach will calm down, but best at night to help you get a good nights rest!!

    Good luck anyway and hope this will help you!!

  • Like yourself yelly I have abdominal cramps & loose b.m.s just now. Only 2 days ago was constipated for 4 days. I am well into my retirement & didn't expect something like this to start up at my age. The plus side yelly is that it is not a fatal condition just a sodding nuisance. The trick is first don't let fear take over. You take control. Personalize your symptoms, tell them ( out loud) you are in control not them. Learn basic relaxation exercises. Try not to be scared, you will have symptom free days & nights, celebrate them. Find out from others one this site what works for them & try them out, you are not on your own. I use warm packs on my abdomen when cramping. Regular active exercise is good, I dog walk & swim.

    Take care of yourself you are not alone,


  • Thank you Charkesowen for the kind and inspiring words. I have been living round the clock with my heating pack lately. It's just hard going to all these Dr's and trying all these different things without anything helping. I've been doing the FODMAT diet but still having horrible cramps, urgency, and loose stool. I'm getting discouraged and just want to feel better and be able to function like a normal person.

    Thank you again❤️

  • Hi thinking of you and hoping that you feel better soon

  • Thank you Daisical❤️ Something will help eventually I hope🙏

    Awful to have this!!

  • It is a horrible thing to have, when I have is it makes you not want to go out, or you are checking where the toilets are continually, I don't think people who are lucky enough not to have ibs realise how awful it is.

  • hi

    i know how miserable it cn make you.iv had it 20+yrs

    things helping me now are amytripilne low dosage, bucopan for bloted n cramps, or mybentol of lower groin cramp.

    paracetlmy, codeine rarely but if pain so bad cant sleep. avoisd reuglar as addictve n generall not good for ibs sufferers.

    no white bread.no mushrooms, no onions, no gassy frinks. te/coffed no more than 3 a day.

    gingerwine if all else fails. heatpad to abdomen or groin can help. sleepit off best.

    walking when well enough. some find pilates or yoga helpfu. no meditation just physical/relaxation exercises.

    try watching fav comedy-lasughing can reduce tension and reduce pain.

    hope something on here helps. all so anticlocwise massage to abdomen groin area sometimes.

    some tlc or if your in a relationship some pleasure-you may not feel like it but can help reduce tension n encourage sleep.

    hope you soon improve. dont give in. if youve had the usual scans,colonoscopy then you know nothing else which can reduce anxiety .

    all the best


  • Thank you Geoff.

    Its such an awful thing to suffer from and my heating pack is my best friend at night!!

    You have some great advice, I will take all of it into account. Ive had evsry test they have but even though its just IBS doesnt make the pain and cramps any less painful. If I could just get this under control it would be more manageable.

    Thank you and be well!!

  • Hi yelly patricia here you are not alone with this horrible ibs babe o have suffered with it for ten yrs it never leaves you the pain the spasms& eaven when you eat or not& never far from the toilet but mine was going on for to long then in the end I was losing loads of weight & then I had a urgent blood transfusion becouse I had severe anemia brought on by not getten the right nutrients & eaten gluten unknown to me I had coeliac disease becouse it has the same symptoms as ibs but I wouldent rule it out get tested hun becouse it is a autoimmune disease that attack it own tissue & it makes you feel like hell I call it my evil pathogen disease ask your doctor about loperamide for the dyria my sister takes it for her divicurtistis they help her cope a bit better & go out with not worrying if she is going to have any accidents becouse the dyria & spasms were so bad for my sister

  • Thank you Patcy for your reply and great suggestions. Im so happy I found this site and can chat with other people suffering also. It is nice to know I am not alone. I just wish I could find something that works for the cramps, urgency and loose stool. The FODMAT diet has not done too much yet. Im sorry youve had to go through all that awful stuff too. I hope you are still able to enjoy everyday and be pain free. I think we all deserve that!!

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