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think i may have ibs but scared to go to doctors

hi ive been getting pains and feeling bloated in my lower stomach area, it feels like i realy need to go for apoo and i think when i go it will ease things which is does but not fully,

im realy scared of going to the doctors incase it may be something more severe, but its realy bringing me down and i feel realy low all the times, any advise i would gladly welcome.......... mike

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It sounds like the same symptoms I had. I'd get it checked out. I understand the fear but the stress & anxiety can make the symptoms worse. X


You need to go to the doctor



You eat carrots too hard

Night 800 grams instead of dinner

drink water

eating carrots


Go to the doctor. It's pretty common around here for folks to assume the worst case scenario. A doctor will run loads of tests, and the answers will be a comfort In itself, no matter what you have the doc will give you things to try. IBS can manifest in all sorts of ways, so don't assume that it's anything more dire. Your symptoms are very similar to mine.


You are living in the fear of the worst case scenario and that's worse than facing whatever it is, which may well be Ibs and that's bad enough. But you know you have to go to the doctor in the end, so go now and get it sorted. Lots of luck and theres tons of support on these pages - we've all been there.🙏🙏🙂


Thanks Mt x


everyone's scared when it comes to doctors and most of their consultations are to do with ibs so you won't be anything that they haven't dealt with before.

it helps to take a friend with you to the surgery and also books as I always do as I assume they are going to be running late so when they are on time its a nice surprise.



U should go to dr

As it may not b ibs....

Get urself sorted ur b glad u do, one ur have answers and treatment can begin.

If it ibs it pretty easy to cope with u just eliminate things that give u stomach problems.

The only thing is if it only come on all of a sudden over little anount of time it could b something else as usually with ibs u know u have had it for years since u were young aless u have symtomatic ibs ie brought on by tablets or candida or sibo


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