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Pain first thing in morning


I got diagnosed with ibs about year ago with alot of food intolerances.

Dairy and gluten.

What i wanted to know is can u go from being totally ok to as soon as you feel you need to go to toilet( poop) u get pain in your left side and it really hurts till u go but thens still quite sore after.

Also hurts on left side when im desperate for wee to ..

Any answers? Or is this just me

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No. Not just you lulububs!! Its a nightmare. But i dont know about the "wee" side of it cuz i have no bladder. Everytime ive had a meall i have to GO! Always in pain before& after.doesnt make any sense does it??😢


Thanku missymo

It all new to me i question what is ibs what isnt? Why i have this pain and not that pain blah blah blah and it goes on and on ....

It scarey! Some days im fine some i feel ill all day. I can go from ok to crap in 5 mins!!


Its a living nightmare lulububs!! I.d never heard of i b s till 10 years ago!! Oh so weird& depressing isnt it?😢😢


Yeh it is taking over my life at mo and it doin my head in. Plus i have pelvic floor problems so it everything down there😉hurts


Just a Q have u had any tests for infection in your colon? Just wondered as it shouldn't hurt before you wee? Or are your stools very hard i know with IBS they are generally not but just could b another cause of pain ..if its really hurting i would go back to the doctors but its hard to get help for this my mum has suffered for years with little help from her gp she is gluten free now and says that helps with cramps but she still has pain most days x


I have had IBS most of my life. I am now in my 50's and although have been gluten free a long time have recently found out it is dairy and pork that cause me the greatest problem and I can tolerate a little gluten. That's me but everyone is individual, different. Each person needs to work out what triggers their symptoms. A food diary and exclusion diet can help with this though a pain to do can be worth it in the end. Also good strength pro-biotics from a reputable source i.e. Good health shop where they are kept in the fridge. The higher the number of beneficial bacteria the more expensive they are. I had a colonoscopy recently and wanted to restore the balance in my gut so took ultra potent 100 billion for a month, about £65 for the months supply but worth it! I have now changed to a lower potency cheaper one. I find I have less pain if I take pro-biotics daily and sometimes, just sometimes I am pain free for a while.

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That funny my friends trigger is pork ?

Yes i wouldnt b without my probiotics or my digestive enzymes there a must for me as i know id b even worse without them


Hi there, No your not alone in feeling this way. I have had IBS for many years and one minute you can be fine then in agony with tummy pains on the loo. Bladder problems also relate to IBS as well, feeling as though you need to pee or burning pain. If you need to get checked out at your Gp. Take care. X

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