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I was diagnosed with ibs a couple of years ago along with my bad back(a year prior). On recent research i have noticed a lot of people linking the two. I have gone back to my doctor on a few occasions and told him my findings yet he still beleives my back is just nerve damage. Even tho the back pain is worse when the ibs flares up or when i dont take my codeine and my body is "cleansing" itself.

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Hi John.I'm the same.In the morning especially.If I have lower back pain I know that I'm going to have a "bad day" but still have no idea how to avoid it.It does depend greatly on how much of a good sleep I've had and what type of food I've had the day before.


I'm the same with terrible lower back and tummy pains. I often wake up about 4am with both :(


Interesting. My husband's back pain is worst when his Crohn's flares up. We had never connected the two as being related.


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