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Spasm under left rib cage!


Hi guys! Any help would be grateful, getting a little down now as what to do! Started taking colpermin, just wondered how long any of you take it? After getting trapped wind under left rib cage weeks ago it still goes into spasm every morning when I wake, goes very tight and can hear the wind gurgling! Just wondered if I'm the only one with this and also any suggestions what I could take. Have already gone on diet to try and eliminate things.

Thanks! 😊

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Hi . Try taking half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a little warm wAter . Sip it slowly and it should shift and trapped gas .

Thanks will give it a go😊

I've recently posted about something similar on the pernicious anemia forum. I have had pains below my ribs for months. After my b12 loading dose the pain went. I went to the doctor who prescribed omeprazole which neutralise stomach acid for a different issue. The pains returned. B12 defeciency also lowers stomach acid. So she the pains returned on omeprazole I can to the conclusion that the pains were low stomach acid. I stopped the medication and the pains have gone. Perhaps take a look at whether it could be high or low stomach acid. Today I am starting Kefir milk to hopefully sort out my insides!

Thanks for info! Will check out stomach acid. Hope the milk works for you!

apart from the usual medications - Mebeverine, Buscopan etc I swear by massage. Its dead easy - simply lie on the floor & first pull your right knee up towards your shoulder with your hands. Lift your head off the floor too if you can. Hold this for 1 minute then repeat with the left leg. You can also massage your tummy in a clockwise direction followed by massage all along your colon starting at the lower right side, up to your ribs, across the transverse section under your ribs & then down the left side. I find all this helps with pain pretty immediately & before long the wind does eliminate itself naturally!!

Thanks will try massage! Mebeverine had no effect so will have a go at this. Many thanks.😊

Hi! I've been having the same exact thing happen when I wake up in the morning. It scared me so much the first time that it sent me to the ER and they ran tests on me. All normal.

Still looking for answers on this too.

Thought I was the only one! Really fed up with it now! Had it for weeks, happens every morning without fail. My friend had it years ago and she was told it was something called splenic flexure? She got trapped wind and kept getting this after. Hope it eases for you!

Yes. I saw this in my frantic research. I am turning 30 this year and my digestive system just decided to start acting up.

I have recently quit smoking and drinking energy drinks and then all this happened haha.

Energy drinks definitely not good! Ha! I have started taking colpermin eating healthy as poss and taking a probiotic to see how things go! Good luck with it.

My spasms have completely gone away in my left rib cage.

I have been spasm free for about 3 days now and I believe it was because I began eating high fiber foods and took probiotics as well as taking Nexium 40 mg tablets everyday upon waking up.

I think I just had a really bad stomach bug because all of my symptoms aside from feeling really tired have completely gone away.

Great to hear! I'm still plugging away. Ha! Had a couple of better days. Taking probiotic, colpermin and already take omoperazole anyway. Glad your feeling better.

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