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I have a constant burning pain under my right rib cage..tried various pain killers and nothing seems to work...help?


Right rib cage constantly burning have to put hot water bottle all the time to alleviate the pain. Tried various pain killers nothing has helped. Thinking it might be a what to eat issue. I am a 47 year old female. Had an ultrasound and they did not find anything. Any suggestions of what might be the issue?

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Do you have a Gastroenterologist? I have this too..constant pain under left rib cage. I suffer from severe and chronic constipation..so it may be due to that, although there is no burning. Have you been able to have a bowel movement? I do have burning in my lower back to due inflamed nerves from degenerative back disease. Sometimes Ibprofen makes my ribs hurt more, or also If I eat chewable vitamin C. Not sure why this is. Maybe the acid. Do you eat a lot of spicy foods or tested for celiac disease (Gluten intolerance), I just had this. I recently found out that I had a cyst on my spleen..so it may be due to that, the pain under my ribs. Did you do any strenuous exercise? It may be a pulled muscle. It may also be diverticulitis, or spleen..gallbladder. I would see about more tests, maybe blood work. I hope you feel better soon..🌹

A few things come to mind, maybe you have gallstones or issues with your gallbladder? Some gallstones are small enough to pass on their own, so maybe it’s an on and off issue that you have. Other things I can think of are IBS/IBD localized to that section of your colon, constipation pains or diverticulitis which would come with more symptoms. If you notice the pain more after fatty foods, it’s likely related to your gallbladder. If you notice the pain is relieved by using the bathroom it’s likely related to IBS. Another thing to consider which would be completely unrelated to your gut would be that the pain could be coming from your lower lung; do you have asthma/COPD, do you smoke, have a cough? It’s good to explore all avenues. I had on and off pain in both my lower and upper right quadrant for a few weeks this past year, I ended up being diagnosed with IBS-C, but I first explored options related to my lungs as I do have asthma. Think outside the box with your doctors, don’t rule anything out until you figure out the origin of the pain

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May be you need an x ray? Ultrasound might not show abnormality? It could be your stomach or duodenum. Go back to GP as you still don't know what is causing it. The hot water bottle might not help an inflamed nerve. Taking a pain killer before eating might help but as Eliana suggested, it might be something you are eating. Extra hot drinks

keeping to warm drinks or cold drinks might help. Sticking to easy digestible food such as

soups rather than lumpy food and meat such as steak, eating fish pie or omelette might

be ok. Hope the pain source is tracked down soon.


Have you tried milk of magnesia, or magnesium carbonate? Sometimes people have a magnesium deficiency and this can help. We have tablets called Rennies which contain magnesium? They are a mint and taste fine.

I had similar issues and they found i had NAFD (NON Alcholic Fatty LIver) my symptoms eased by cutting out fatty foods, like crisps, cakes, fast food etc - you no all the things we like eating from time to time.

I also took some Liverel tablets (Boots, Holland & Barret) these are supposed to help with removing harmful waste from the liver. All i can say is that i dont have that discomfort anymore BUT i have changed my diet. If your is the same you will know in a week or so - hope this helps.

Also drink plenty of water, and very little caffeine. Good Luck

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