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Sounds in my stomach

Hello everyone,

I've been having issues for a few weeks now- I have extreme health anxiety and the "IBS" (that's what I've been told it is) is making it so much worse. I just got blood tests done (CBC) and everything looks normal. I'm waiting to hear back from a stool sample... anyway, every time I eat anything, I get this horrible intestinal sound--- a bubbling sound. It sounds like what I used to experience before I would get diarreah, except I've been constipated. This is totally new to me. Has anyone experienced this? When does this go away?!?!?!

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Welcome to IBS - well hopefully not - my gut also sounds like its gone nuts. Daily occurrence really. You say you have health anxiety - that is the first thing to work on it will help you other symptoms.


What you're describing is completely natural, it even has its own name: borborygmi. It's just the sounds made in your intestines as air and liquid get passed through it. Whether you've realised it or not, you've probably experienced it throughout your life, although in my experience IBS makes it more pronounced. It's nothing to worry about. As you learn to manage your IBS it will improve and as the previous responder noted, getting to grips with your health anxiety is the first stage. What are you doing to manage that?


Firstly is the noise below or above the belly button, is it a low or high pitched noise ?


Yeh i get that bubbling sound a lot but my ibs has much improved since taking new medication. I had ibs since 2007 and i had my gall bladder removed in 2015 since then my ibs it got far worse. After seeing a professor in the royal free london he said it may bd a bile salt problem and gave me sachets of COLESTID take twice a day and my improvement has been 70 percent better. If i miss a dose back it comes. Anyhow the gurgling noises remain in my stomach but the diarroeah has got far better no need to be near a loo and i can get out more often. Im 58 years old and had the problem 9 years.


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