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Hi there! I'm new here but not new to symptoms a lot of you uys are experiencing. I am 19 years old and a fairly healthy and active teenager. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables as a kid up until now and not a fan of junk food. I have been suffering with my anxiety since I was sixteen to a point where I was on the brink of giving up and taking my own life. Fortunately, I have coped but have bouts of extreme anxiety at times so you can only imagine how scared I am right now. About two months ago, I randomly had stomach pain one night, just the typical "I think I need to go" feeling but for some reason decided to ask Doctor Google about it and stumbled upon, yep you guessed it, Cancer. Now I've been very obsessed with my stools and bowel habits although nothing's really turned up at all. One thing off is that I get random sharp pains in different parts of the stomach usually above my navel or on the right. Sometimes on the left also. It comes and goes and disappears within 30 minutes. It has no intervals and I really get them at the most random moments more so lately that I've been stressed with my internship. It's bearable, just really uncomfortable. I'm still really scared of the possibility of stomach/colon cancer. My family history suggests no cancer at all. Though we do have diabetes but that's with my uncles, no one in the family. One more thing is I've been dx with GERD as I would usually burp with acid. Please talk me down, I feel very alone and scared of bowel cancer or colorectal cancer.

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  • Talk to your doctor, get a referral to a gastroeneterologist. Could be a lot of things, don't jump to the worst conclusion right off the bat. Stress can certainly exacerbate GI symptoms for many of us with IBS. Have you tracked your food to see if there is any pattern with what or when you eat and the symptoms? If you have urgent bowel movements, consider looking at your dairy, gluten, corn, fruit and vegetable consumption. Have a browse of the FODMAPS diet to see if you eat any of those foods regularly. And keep active. Try some nice gentle yoga if you haven't yet - good for stress and some position feel good for the guts as well. Please try and relax until you see a specialist. And keep posting if you have questions - many of us are going through the same process, someone is bound to have some suggestions that work for you.

  • Thank you so much. Yes I will talk to a doctor and thanks for the suggestions. I certainly did not know about FODMAPS and will check up on it :)

  • Hi there my advise would be don't Goole make appointment with GP as it sound like IBS,do u drink water because the left side is normal kidy and normal not enough water.dont panic,go to GP and let me know how u got on

  • Thanks I really want to go to the doctors but am only waiting for my healthcard as I am alone in a country studying so my parents are abroad.

  • Hi. Anxiety & stress frequently cause IBS, which in turn creates more anxiety & stress so this may be your problem. Furthermore, one of several symptoms can be an amount of bloating; in other words your gut can get inflated and this leads to uncomfortable pressure around the bottom of the ribs (the base of your stomach is on the right, just at the bottom of your ribs).

    If this is your problem then it is unpleasant but controllable once you realise what is going on. However, IBS needs a diagnosis to make sure nothing else is wrong with you, so get to your GP.

    Good luck. And do keep talking about it - it will get better so long as you don't ignore it.

    Oh, and take a look at the Monash Uni website for IBS & FODMAP advice

  • Yes I always feel bloated and always think that it might be cancer (my automatic negative thoughts kicking in) but yes I will go and visit the doctors soon. Thank you so much!

  • Hi, sorry to hear your story. I am new on here, after being diagnosed with IBS, but not as badly as most, thankfully! Might I suggest that you request an Endoscopy to find out one way or another. Not knowing and worrying about what might be, is not good for you. I know it's daunting but at least you can then start dealing with whatever the problem is. I keep my fingers crossed for you, that it's nothing sinister. good luck.

  • Thanks for the support I really hope it's nothing sinister either. Just this morning I noticed a small small streak of blood (only visible when I look very closely) on the surface of normal stool and idk if this is something really bad or if it could be because I strain and push when I have a BM OR maybe my period blood (gross sorry) because I got my period this morning also. I'm really scared and to think I'm only 19!!

  • If there wasn't blood actually in the stool then its is probably just because you are straining when you go or because of your period. Try not to worry too much as you will make things a lot worse. If you are really concerned then call your doctor. The pain could simply be trapped wind. I get it a lot and it can be terrible pain. There are several OTC meds you can take that will ease the pain of trapped wind.

  • It wasn't IN the stool, it was just a small stain on the surface of the stool actually. Like little bright red paint. Thanks so much. I hope it's just from my period since it only appeared ON my period day/s.

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