Hi there I'm new here and have had ibs for the past 15 years, I have constant diarrhoea/constipation, nausea and fatigue. I am now 64 retired and still suffering , I have had numerous tests but nothing sinister shows, I take buscopan for cramps cyclizine for nausea, nexium for reflux, also take a Bio Kult probiotic. Really thought I would have a happy retirement but no such luck. I just can't go anywhere as it always brings on a flare up, I know my husband understands but he gets a bit fed up. Wish I could feel well and enjoy my retirement. Am going to try Hypnotherapy to ease the stress of it all , so hopefully..........

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  • the best medicine I have used that actually worked is called linzess it helps the belly no matter what's going on and also fennel tea get you some fennel tea relax ask your doctor to prescribe you insist and I bet you will be feeling better hope the best for you

  • Thanks will try that

  • Linzess doesnt work for everyone. I had a rough time with it, but I try to stay away from prescription meds as much as possible, seeing as the anti acid ones were making me worse...just something to keep in mind

  • Yoga breathing

    Always carry emergency bag with you

    Bananas and hard boiled eggs

    a good book or two and a good laugh with friends

  • Thanks for that, since moving house a year ago I haven't managed to get out and meet many new friends, but curl up with a book lots of times

  • Have you tried your own intolerace tests ?

    Have you been testedfor ceoliac disease ?

  • I've been tested for ceoliac and came back negative, haven't tried my own tests as doctors did extensive intolerance years ago but have found the usual chocolate, cheese most sweet stuff starts it but lately it's almost everything I eat except potato

  • I'm sorry you are feeling rubbish.

    Have you tried aloe Vera? There is a good one by 'forever' that you can get Mail order. It's worth a go?

    Also getting a few friends and something to keep you occupied will bevimportant not only to keep you happy in your long earned retirement, but because it will protect you from depression that can accompany a chronic disease.

    When you go out take an emegency pack (loo roll, wipes, spare undies ) that way you know you will never be caught short if you get caught short (if you see what I mean!)

    Good luck x

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