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Help with constant nausea.

Hi, I am new here, so hope I don't drone on at all.

I suffer with the most severe nausea. It affects every aspect of my life, and has done for the last 12 years. When it starts, I get a hot sensation across my shoulders and arms. The nausea feels like when you have food poisoning.. yeah, that bad. I have to go to bed with a bucket because I just never know.

I can't eat, drink, socialise or plan any trips away, as I know I will spoil it for everyone. I live most of my life convinced I am going to be sick, I never am, but wish I could so it would ease. I developed, about 10 years ago a phobia of being sick so am convinced the anxiety makes it worse. I have tried everything, anti emetics, cutting certain foods out, even paying for food intolerance tests and much more. All I do is sleep as I feel so vile. My children admit that they cannot remember me being well, which kills me. I have such awful stomach ache with it. Does anyone one else suffer this, or does anyone know of any treatments. I should mention that I take 50mg of amitryptiline, which has helped so much. I'm 47 and just want to feel normal again as I've honestly forgotten how that feels.

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Oh u are not alone , poor u, I rarely socialise now unless I really have to for my son never for me . Have anti nausea tabs have tried all sorts of ant acids which didn’t work

Had cameras which revieled nothing but diverticulitis

I dont eat much the day before or during a trip or appointment

Not much help to u I’m afraid

Go back to your dr have u had scans and tests ? Going dairy and gluton free has improved me around 60-70 % dosnt help the problem in my head but I do now go to friends houses more and they come here


I found that but cutting all dairy (even traces in food such as margarine) was causing my permanent sickness. Used to feel like I’d been poisoned.

Would it be worth trying fodmap? (Sorry if you’ve done this already).

I also went to councillor as I had gotten myself in a complete state. Anxiety anout being ill, etc...

I hope you find what is causing it... I now go out (although not very often), but I am applying for jobs which I didn’t think would be possible before.

Good luck


Have you been to GI Drs? What do they say? Some of it sounds psychological. I don’t mean it’s not real, but you are emetophobic and seem conditioned to telling yourself it is going to happen and then it does. Have you gone to GI and

Psychotherapy? Hope you find a way to feel better.


Oh you poor thing! You’re not alone, the people on here are lovely. I don’t post or reply very often but I find just reading what other people are going through helps me 🙂 whenever I feel nauseous I drink coconut water or nibble on a ginger biscuit, but that’s only for mild nausea so not sure if it would help you or not but it may be worth trying. Is there anything else your doctor can do for you? Xx


I suffer from a lot of nausea. Does it help when you eat? I’ve been stepping up my exercise recently and I think this has helped a bit. I’m on amitriptyline too but I’m trying to taper off them now as I’ve been on them for 8 years.


Hello there, I’ve had ibs c for 20 years, and I too suffer with nausea , try cyclizine hydrochloride 50mg, when I feel really sick I take one and it works within 20 minutes, you can take up to 3 a day. I had a course of hypnotherapy to help me relax and I must say I was sceptical about it but it did help. I still get episodes though not as frequent and not as bad , I hope it eases for you.


Well you are not alone. I have similar symptoms and they seem to be getting worse with age. I am 44. I basically stopped socializing 5 plus years ago because honestly being social is just no longer fun. I rarely if ever have reduced symptoms. That all said I firmly believe that being social is key to actually getting better, I just need to figure out how to be able to control my symptoms. Note that at least for me, anxiety of having symptoms moved from conscious to sub conscious. As in I no longer am anxious externally yet I am internally. Thus my symptoms are even more hard to control because they just happen without me getting worked up about things.

I highly recommend physical activity and exercise, yet I say that and cannot personally get myself to be as active as I want. Even walking will help to calm the gut. Even if you do not want to leave the comfort of your home etc. These conditions are like snowballs, they will continue to grow unless you truly step in and do something about them. In 20 years of mine my snowball has grown to an unmanageable size, that is why this year I decided to really try to get some resolutions, so far this last 3 months has been some of the hardest in my entire life. But the painful quest to get better is worth it if I can get my life back. Good luck on your recovery.


I too suffered nausea very severely in my teens and early life, it is, in my opinion, the worst symptom ever. What helped me the most was being put on Anafranil. It is an anti-depressant but only a very low dose, I was on it for 7 years and during that time got a good job and got married, things I thought would be impossible for me before.



This ibs is awful it never same, somedays things can effect me then other days nothing!

I found givinf up gluten and dairy helped and also ive learnt no onions or garlic. Now i can pretty much go a whiole week with no probs but as soon as i accidentally eat something i shouldnt it is like ive been poisoned the pain is immense!

There is something that obviously starting ur prob off it a case of learning what it is...

Ur sounds more indigestion or heartburn have u been to dr to have bile test! Acid test? Also omeprazole may help but u do need to get to dr as u mayb making to much acid. U could try taking ranitidine about half hour before u eat then eat that may help it will help u digest better .

Also a good probiotic and a good digestive enzyme will help u


Hi there Nicola, I really feel for you as Nausea is one of the worst symptoms every. I see that you have Emetophobia, which I know makes it so much worse as I too have Emetophobia. I have been through the Thrive Programme and towards the end the author, Rob Kelly, says to go through the book again and carry on with the exercises until you feel that you have conquered the phobia. The problem I had is not having someone there to talk to so haven't looked at the book for a few months now. I have an appointment with a CBT clinic on 6 April to discuss what kind of support I need i.e. group therapy or one to one therapy, I am going to take my book along with me and see if we can work through the book together. This isn't a quick fix but I am more than willing to work hard at it to rid myself of this phobia.

I would say by reading what you have said above the phobia is making is much worse.

Also, I have read the Clever Guts Diet book and that is intriguing and the book also talks about IBS. My eldest daughter bought me the Clever Guts Diet Recipe book for Mother's Day and I was absolutely thrilled.

I have also been under a Dietician and have another appointment tomorrow, I haven't been following a low FODMAP diet yet but have been logging everything I eat and drink and any symptoms that I get and also I have to log when I go to the toilet and what it's like. Recording your diet and symptoms every day is a very good way to see if and what may be affecting you.

I hope the above will go some way to help.


Bless you, I know how awful it is. I have suffered from this for years and been told it has various causes from IBSd to Acid reflux. I have been on Stemitil, Ranitidine, Mebeverine, Lanzaprosole, Isolgel, Fibregel, you get the idea.........Nothing works when there is a flare-up. Like you I have tried to isolate food intolerances and so on. I am having a flare up at the moment, my taste is completely haywire....even water tastes foul, although my oral hygiene is excellent. It makes me feel so ill and frankly, as with you and some of the other people who have responded, it ruins our lives. I don't know the answer......I wish I did....I just want you to know that you are not alone..........I would like to ask - do you or anyone reading this, also get the awful taste ......that I get?


Are you under the care of a gastroenterologist and a therapist. Both of these would be helpful.


I had nausea also. Acupuncture worked for me.


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