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So I've had part of Capsule-oscopy. Which involved taking a dummy camara pill (27mm x 14mm).

So it involved going to the Royal Free hospital in London

Taking the dummy camera after doing a consent form and the whole thing too much 5minutes.

Going home and then searching for the pill after each bowel movement. Unfortunately I didn't find it.

So back to the royal Free for a scan. The scan was with what looked like large/oversized metal detector wand. And took less than a minute in the consaultion room.

NoI im waiting on the full scan with a live camara that will take 2photos ever second producing a video of the whole of my digestive system which can be 17hrs long

Downside to this was on Monday paying £21.50 for a tube ticket and not even getting a seat. Being in pain and feeling unsteady I asked to have seat explaining I was unwell and was ignored by all the posh looking london business types. A couple of minutes later a lady with a bump of board offered me her seat which declined as I felt guilty taking the seat from a pregnant lady.

The 2 days later going back this time costing £21.70

It was very frustrating spending 4hrs travelling for not much more time taking a pill and a quick body scan with metal detector. They could of sent it to my local hospital gastro team to take the pill and A&E have a metal detector wand. And in 4-6 weeks doing all again. Next time for the real test.

Has anyone on here had this type of oscopy.

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Yes,they pump air in first

Might be an idea to ask for a muscle relaxant or Valium if you have had pain with is copy ot barium meal

I didn't and the pain was mega intense

Most people don't feel pain


I know it's cost money but it's your health that matters and you have been sent to a specialist


Yes, it wasn't so bad for me as the capsule took pictures as it went and I sat and read a book while it did. Good pictures and got an initial diagnosis, but in an information obsessed time, I do wonder what the diagnosis gets you, I suppose the knowledge there is nothing nasty in there, but IBS is IBS, it's different for everyone and really there is little effective treatment, just a case of finding out what works for you and trial and error for drugs. Even here in the USA good medical insurance doesn't cover everything, and we were left with a huge medical bill. I wish you resolution for your problems and not a little bit of luck.


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