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Hi guys

I had an appointment at UCH London the other day and I've been referred for pill-oscopy. It takes a picture email ever 2 second. Hopefully looking at the bowel they can't see by normal scopes.

Has anyone out there had this procedure. And how was it and what where the results.

Also the professor I saw said I don't have IBS or colitis or crohns. Which begs the questions of what do I have and what has been causing this 4 years of pain and unpleasantness.

He also stated that to get help would be unlikely as doctors don't want to get involved in complex cases. Ohh if I didn't already know that.

Need some advice help guidence

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WHAT?!! If doctors don't want to get involved in complex cases, they aren't doing their job. What are they paid to do then? So much for having faith in the NHS. Perhaps you need to see a different specialist.

I'm afraid I've never heard of a pill-oscopy, so can't help with your question but felt too incensed about the comment not to respond. I hope the test goes well and that you do manage to get the problem solved (as long as it isn't too complex, of course).


Unfortunately I recently spent 7 days in hospital with 6 of them waiting to see a gastro doctor. Finally being discharged by the surgeons as the medical team refused to see me. Not to mention the pain team who only had a phone conversation with a ward nurse changed my Meds without seeing me or examining me.

It is a sad reflexion of the medical profession when they won't even come and see you when your in hospital bed.

All I want is a better quality of life than I currently have.

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They really don't know what they are doing with this illness, do they? Much easier to sweep it under the carpet and ignore us.

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No linedance,there telling you to google,you watch the IBS conference on you tube,there practically telling us to do there job for them because there soooo busy.


Hi puma77ram, keep us informed of your experience,I have seen a couple of people on here who have had this test.


Sorry but never heard of Pill-oscopy but your treatment is disgusting, how dare they say your case is too complex so they won't get involved!!

I have to say that I am one of the lucky ones with my doctor as he has been brilliant lately and has listened to everything I've said; carried out extensive blood tests and now I have a hospital appointment with a gastro.

Best of luck to you and I hope you receive better treatment and if not maybe look for another doctor/hospital.


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