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Stomach pain with muscle discomfort

Hi there, for the last 4 months I've had stomach pain(right between ribs mostly after eating)with muscle discomfort in upper and lower back. Both symptoms come and go, sometimes I feel good for a couple days then it's back. The discomfort can last for hrs. Naturopath treated me with candida supplements, peppermint oil, apple cidar vinegar which didn't make a difference. Medical doctor prescribed nexium which didn't seem to help. I've had ultrasound, upper barium GI, HIDA scan and upcoming gastric emptying study. Findings mild reflux and fatty liver which I've known about already. I really thought it was gallbladder related but NOPE. I also have a tightening feeling in between my ribs which comes and goes which is weird. No red flags in bloodwork. I wait for an internist appt as well as a gastroenterologist appt. My doctor thinks I should wait for a GI to to gastroscopy although I may get in sooner with another dr closer to my hometown. I'm also gluten and dairy free. I don't have a diagnosis so unsure what to try. Foods don't seem to make things better or worse. No bowel pain, it all seems to be upper. If anyone has similiar symptoms please share. I cope with heating pad, hot bathes and peppermint oil applied to skin. I feel this issue is something mechanical, issue really has been ongoing for two years.

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YEp; sounds like stomach ulcer in duadenem ?


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