Constantly taste peppermint

It was a brilliant revelation to discover the effects of Peppermint Oil on my IBS

I suffered for quite a while but whilst in hospital for another complaint that the doctor prescribed Peppermint oil capsules and a small pill called Alverine and now the IBS is under control.

However recently the peppermint oil is "repeating" and I constantly taste peppermint

Any ideas how to remedy this ?

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  • Up to recently i was taking peppermint oil with great success for years ,I occasionally got the peppermint taste on the odd occasion. For some reason it stopped working or my IBS flared so the gp changed it to colofac which is working. I can only suggest taking it with a large glass of water , maybe with food or on an empty stomach, something that is different to what you do now to see if change helps . I hope this helps , best wishes 🌸🌸🌸

  • I have just started taking peppermint oil capsules after reading about them on here, they are only the Asda 200 mgs ones (saw some advertised that were 50mgs) and the instructions are 1 before a main meal. The first couple of days I had no problem but yesterday I forgot to take one before my meal so took one after. Although I had a yoghurt and a cup of tea afterwards I could, like you, taste strong peppermint and I could actually feel burning in my oesophagus all evening so I won't make that mistake again. I am unsure what the optimal dose is but I may try a lower strength and take 1 before each meal.

  • I find that peppermeint capsules help me too.

    If you can get the Colpermin brand capsules I find that they give very little peppermint taste because being hard shell capsules They do not break up until low down in the bowel.

    If you are lucky they can be prescribed, because they are quite expensive.

  • Peppermint can relax the valve that stops acid coming back up from your stomach. If taking before a meal stops that happening that's great.

    I tried peppermint tea for a while which helped my stomach but I felt sicker and sicker, now I know why.

  • I started taking peppermint oil capsules two months ago after reading about them on this forum. I am very pleased with the results they have helped me with the pain i had after eating,but you do need a full glass of water to get them down into your stomach to avoid any unpleasant burning feeling in your throat after taking them. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  • This is very common with the peppermint oil capsules.

    First of all, make certain that you are getting enteric coated peppermint oil capsules. Theoretically,, these are coated well enough to disallow the capsule opening before it gets deeper into the gastrointestinal system. This does not always work. It depends on a number of factors such as what you already have in your stomach, how much water you drink with the capsule, and a variety of other factors including your own motility. For example, if you have gastroparesis, the capsules will sit in your stomach so long that they will open in your stomach. This is not a pleasant experience at all. (Trust me!)!

    Experiment with the timing that works best for you. But when I was able to use the peppermint oil capsules, years ago, my significant other always said that I smelled like peppermint constantly. 😃

  • i find peppermint tea really soothing for my IBS

  • Me too

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