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Does anyone suffer from upper back pain with IBS?

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Along with IBS I have constant stiffness between my shoulder blades.. I told the doctor and he tested my liver and gallbladder.. guess that is a cue for something more seriou; however, that came out normal.. I am just curious if any of you experience upper or lower back discomfort along with your GI issue....

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Do you suffer with back pain constant ? Did you ever have back problems prior to your IBS ? How is your posture ?

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surfjen in reply to stix

My posture is not great. I do need to work on that. I did notice that since my tummy troubles started not too long after did I have constant I wouldn't say pain but a stiffness more between the shoulder blades and sometimes along my ribs. There is dicomfort like a dull pain when I try to work it out with a tennis ball or something..

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IBS pain can cause you to slump a lot, and then cause you to loose posture, mine has been caused by a stenosis in lower spine, but i have herd of people suffering with posture.

The pain between shoulders is often greater than my lower pain, and your find it moving from middle to outer shoulders and back again. Heat helps and massage, but long bursts of pressure on the muscle in question to push out the blood from the muscle to stop the spasm

Hi Surfjen - my husband has a pain in his shoulder that's caused by over eating - he had it checked out by the doctor. When he has eaten too much he gets a pain in his right shoulder above his heart, so as you can imagine he was quite worried.

The doctor told him there are no nerve endings in certain parts of the digestive system so the 'pain' is shifted and felt elsewhere.

I also suffered with gall bladder problems and felt the pain in my back. That felt like a pull, but was constant. Since having my gall bladder out its gone!

I would think this is another side effect for you of IBS - the normal pain is left hand side, lower bowel, for most people, but if your stomach is also a little inflamed then this pain could be due to that?

I hope you get to the bottom of it!

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surfjen in reply to Louise88

thank you for sharing. I do eat too much sometimes and too fast so that could be aggravating the problem. I sure hope it is not my gall bladder. the doctor tested me for any problems with it and negative results but I am going to bring it up again to him.

I experienced pain in my left flank for about a month, wasn't sure if I pulled a muscle or if it was IBS related, still not sure.

Do you have IBS-C? have you had frozen shoulder? just saying signs of impending parkinson's

Yes I have IBS-C. No I have not had frozen shoulder... Could you please explain why these are signs of impending parkinsons? that is pretty scary

I have IBS, sometimes IBS C but not IBS D and do get pain in my ribs, between shoulder blades and sometimes lower back. I've been getting those symptons for a few years now. I was diagnosed with IBS in 1996 and had all the usual tests i.e. Colonoscopy and Endoscopy.

Unfortunately I also eat too fast and it's not good - I find it much better if I allow myself time to enjoy my food but life always seems to be in a rush!

Best of luck and hope it gets better.

I also eat too fast.., I am trying to also not eat sooo much at one time which makes it worse. Yes I think these back stiffness and pain is related to the gut issue. I also get tenderness at times in between my ribs too. Actually nice to know I am not alone... not to mean I want anyone to experience this but it sucks to feel alone...

I get this too! shoulder blade pain is the worst! it's funny I actually feel GREAT when I don't eat anything lol. I start eating and that's sometimes when stuff gets uncomfortable..

So In all of this, what is the solution? What should one test, for IBS, or how should One treat? Symptoms, bloating, back pain, low energy, fatigue, depression.

surfjen i have back and groin pain with ibs and sore shoulder blades

I get that too.

Same here I have ibs-c and have back pain and shoulder pain

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