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Does anyone else have these odd symptoms? Help!

Over the past 12 years, I have on and of experienced a sensation I can only describe as a muscle spasm or feeling like a baby is kicking in my upper right abdomen just below my right rib. It would come and go and seemed related to stress.

Last year I had an awful year with my father passing away unexpectedly. This seemed to trigger tis symptom to return with a vengeance. Fearing it was my gall bladder ready to burst I went for an ultra sound. Gall bladder looked great but found a weird spot on my liver which threw me into a complete and utter emotional wreck. Had MRI, CAT scan, blood work, tumor marker tests, liver enzymes checked....all perfectly normal. As one doc said.....all tests humanly possible and they still don't know what the spot is. Are quite certain nothing malignant.....could have been there my whole life. Suggested a biopsy to satisfy their curiosity.....I said no to that. Very invasive and carries risk. BUT......this still weighs on me and when I get symptomatic, I panic, of course which makes things worse and the cycle continues.

So.......got upper GI work done, had colonoscopy in 2009, had HIDA scan on gall bladder.....again.....all normal.

They keep saying IBS de to anxiety. I tend to agree but want to verify if anyone else has these symptoms and if symptoms can change.

I still have the...

*Cramping, spasm thing in upper right abdominal area just below ribs.

*Discomfort radiates into back area and rib area front and back

*Feeling like I strained side muscles on right side.....like a good stretch feels great!

*Gas.....belching and other end!

*Right hip tenderness at times

*Trouble getting a deep cleansing breath.....I feel this is anxiety.

*Alternate between loose stools and semi constipation

Does ANYONE else experience these symptoms??? Help!!


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Hi L,

Not sure if this will help however:

Spot on liver - advised it was likely to be a birth mark after it was seen on a ct scan

Right hip pain - yes would love to know what's causing it

Flatulence - yes awful isn't it especially when bowel loose

Loose bowel smelly and slurry like on day 12 at present. Occasional pellet like bm's, mostly don't even know had a bm until I wipe myself.

Must say citilapram helping me cope with ibs.

Occasionally get awful pain in tail bone, rectal and pubic region

Thinking about asking for a ct scan of abdominal and gynae area as mum, sis and nana all had gynae cancers

Good luck



Thank you Jane and yes, you did help. I think we all want reassurance as IBS causes stress due to the unique symptoms experienced by individuals. The more we worry and stress, the worse it becomes...a vicious circle! Then I worry about the liver spot and get even more anxious. I am very physically fit and exercise regularly. I eat well also so I try to stay calm and have faith in all the tests I've had........lots! As I've researched I've learned a lot about IBS and about the growing incidence of finding "spots" during scans that prior to our advanced imaging, would not have been seen. Unless you have other indicators, these "spots" are just part of our imperfect bodies and nothing to be concerned about. Many people are having invasive and dangerous procedures usually unnecessarily. So I did everything and more than once except for the invasive procedure. Like you......they feel it's just a weird imperfection! That's' okay by me! Keep in touch and thanks!!



your symptom are almost identical to mine. iv had ibs 20 years. lower rhs back spasm usually early sign im in for ibs. im on a low fibre diet,no onion,sultnasa or mushrooms.as they trigger ibs for me. i take actimel and normacol as fibre substitute.

also take mebeverine before meals. Pilates seems to be helping and walking and less sugar and tea helping too. now i have it about 5 days per month usually only one day severe. stress certainly makes it worse. Walking helps and if pain very bad i take zydol.

sometimes a drop of ginger wine/brandy helps. low vit d doesnt help .so i got mine checked by doctor and it was low.so now take vit d tab each day.if you feel the cold probably have low vit d level. IBS IS A nuisance but at least it isnt something that kills.

i peel all fruit and potatoes too. sometimes only tabs.heat on groin/back and sleep gets rid of ibs attack. Massage sometimes helps if you have a good friend or self anticlockwise massage on groin helps.

hope you soon find a way to manage your ibs.


hope some of this helps.


Thanks Graham. It is reassuring (but unfortunate for you) to hear your symptoms are similar. I wish you well!!


My personal opinion is that you are suffering badly with anxiety, I used to get a strange nasal problem (details not important) then I just decided that I was not going to worry about it anymore and I would just live with it, guess what, it disappeared!! You've had all the tests done, now try to stop worrying about it and good luck my friend.



Thank you Val! I know for sure the anxiety is a huge part of this. I will read your post over and over again and continue to make a real effort to just stop this worrying!


Seems you may have fibromyalgia I have it and experience same things on and off but I also have age related diabetes which started stomach problems in first place.check it out with your doctor there are painkillers available but not always affective just dull symptoms. Good luck


Thanks for your input. Sending you well wishes!


I have had the weird baby-kicking sensation before also. I often wondered what it was, and just put it down to an internal pulsating sensation - maybe a throbbing vein or something. I've had IBS for 7 years but only got diagnosed a year ago. All that time I was suffering from weird and frankly painful symptoms of bloating, weight gain, pulsating (baby kicking) sensations, bubbling gut, sudden desperation to use the toilet, and sore bones, i.e. hip pain and pelvic discomfort.

I've had cramps so severe they have woken me up at 3-4am screaming. Touch wood I haven't had that in a while but I now take Omeprazole, Loperamide Hydrochloride and Metochlopramide on a nightly basis - 5 tablets in all - just to avoid this happening. Otherwise, I'd have the constant cramps and upset stomach, bloating etc.

As for your liver scan spot - if the biopsy would put your mind at rest you should consider it. If it was something bad it would have certainly showed up in all the tests they conducted. It might just be some kind of scar tissue.


i have this also pulsating sensation wide area of my abdomen.ive been almost 1year IBS.i dont know if this is normal..


Thanks for your reply. It is so reassuring to know others share in this journey. I appreciate your comments immensely and wish you well!


My IBS started about 5 years ago. It started one day with terrible bloating, gas and cramping and I put on 20 pounds on over night. It was horrible. I went to Dr. had colonoscopy done, Dr. said something about slow bowels, IBS-C. I paid no attention to the diagnosis because I had no idea what IBS-C was, kept doing my day to day job, feeling horrible of course. About a year later it had gotten so bad, I went to my GP and he ran some text and an x-ray of bowels and found I was full of crap. Literally full of stool, it took about 3 weeks to get my self going to the bathroom again. Then I realized I had to change something with my eating habits, etc. I also felt like I had a baby kicking in me and turning around in me. I also have the right rib pain, and I have the chest pains, sometimes it radiates down my entire right side and shoulder. I really have a hard time explaining how I feel but I just don't feel right. After ultrasounds and cat scans, Dr.'s do not see anything wrong. It is a horrible way to live but it could be worse. I take a RX laxative with helps with the cramping and take some other herbs and sometimes herbal teas. I have tried it all and I try to eat avoiding the FOPMAPS. When I do screw up and eat something I know I shouldn't eat, I am in pain for a week. Why do I eat things that I know are triggers? And I have been to so many Dr.'s about this I think they think it is in my head. I had one Dr. tell me to try different laxative for six weeks and come back and see me.


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