Is it IBS or something else

Had all the usual tests Colonoscopy, etc and found nothing. Here are my symptoms:

Severe cramp only on the left side. Each pain is worse than the last one and slowly moves down the left side. Start to feel faint and know the outcome is the toilet. Once I have been then it all stops. No diarrhoea. I keep a diary and not really constipated nor bloated. Have little warning of an attack. Taking any sort of medication is too late as it can strike in minutes. Worse than contractions when having a baby. Can be dormant for months and then strike several days in a row. Is it IBS.

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  • I have had IBS for around 20 years and have never had symptoms as you have explained above, yes I have had very bad pain but not as bad as being in labour. I would go back to the doctors.

  • I def have the low left sided acute pain which feels like contractions plus lie left sided abdo pain and sudden urgency out of nowhere - but only just beginning to realise I have an issue. I'm 55 and when I had the colonoscopy 2 weeks ago they had to stop the procedure at 30 percent progress - they diagnosed diverticulitis and found and removed a 3mm dia polyp - now waiting for results (obv small worry it is cancerous). Anyone else had a similar experience or symptoms?

  • The colonoscopy was a standard screen that NHS call you up to do at 55 btw 🌸

  • I didn't know about standard screening at 55. I am 70 and have never been offered anything like it. Only had one colonoscopy which was requested by the consultant and nothing showed up.

  • Please check with your insurance company or Medicare.Never having a colonoscopy,you should definitely have a colonoscopy.Please do this and take care of your health.

  • I, like Diana, didn't know that there was such a thing as a Colonoscopy being a standard screening, I've had two since being diagnosed with IBS, one when I was diagnosed 20 years ago and another last year when my symptoms got worse.

    I hope that the results indicate as to why you are getting this awful pain.

    Very best of luck

  • Calipso can you post an article regarding the standard screening for a colonoscopy for over 55. I can't seem to find this information.

  • I will see what I can find - it's Gloucestershire x

  • I was in Warwickshire and nothing was offered to anyone in that age bracket. Now in Lincolnshire and still nothing. I would have offered my colon and bowels for a good inspection

  • Colonoscopy showed nothing unusual and was sent away with a prescription for senokot. For those of you who are not in England at the age of 60 - 74 we are sent a kit for bowel screening to detect cancer. Very basic but it is a start.

  • Hi there everyone - here's the details about the screen after 55yr that is being rolled out (thats why is may not have got to your area yet!)

  • Hi there, it's actually a nonsense to take medication for IBS, it will worsen your problems over time, i speak out of experience, had IBS (diagnosed by "reductio ad absurdum" only after all my tests, and they were many, were all negative) over a 5 years period (think it was triggered, maintained and accentuated by overwhelming stress, poor diet and lack of exercise) by the end of which period i literally thought I will die. I healed myself last year, in a short period of 3 months, by avoiding any type of medication (not even an aspirin), avoiding any type of medical doctor, changing my diet to a raw organic vegetarian one and exercising everyday for at least 30 minutes. YOUR BODY IS SMART, IT WILL HEAL ITSELF, YOU JUST HAVE TO LET IT WORK AND DO NOT INTERFERE STUPIDLY!!! Since then I feel much stronger, have an outstanding physical and psychological stamina, my digestion got back to normal (after horrifying diarrhea bouts) and life is wonderful again! No more IBS - by eradicating the root causes of it, and not trying to repress the symptoms... This guy helped me a lot, with his short explanations, he made me change my lifestyle and although I do not personally know him, I am very thankful I got over him on Youtube accidentally... life changing experience if you suffer from a dis-ease and do not know the REAL causes... hope it helps you too:

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