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Left side pain like a continous stitch

I've been getting a pain in my left side for about 3/6 months it feels like a stitch it runs along my left side waist up under my rib cage.Ive recently had gallbladder removed suffer from IBS drink coffee but I'm not showing any signs ie bleeding from the rear no blood in urine not losing weight eating normally my doctor done a test for kidney stones and that was fine it just brings me down as soon as get up in mornings within an hour the pain is there etc any ideas out there

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Wow. I couldnt believe it when I read your post. I have exactly the same thing. Mine is continual niggling stitch like pain that sometimes moves along under the left ribcage. Sometimes I get a gurgling sound there as well. Apart from that I suffer with bloating and noisy stomach but no diaoreah or constipation. It has been driving me mad!

I have been to my GP who is sure that it is gas getting trapped in the splenic flexure( the bit of the colon where it makes a downturn) and nothing to worry about. I am altering my diet and that is helping. Because I am paranoid and because there is colon cancer in my family he is sending me for a non urgent colonoscopy. I have just turned 60 so have done the bowel cancer screening test and that was clear.

I recently asked your question on here and there were another couple of people who had the same problem so they may reply too.

I think it was worrying me because it was a pain in a specific place and wasnt going away. Your spleen is in that area so its worth going to doc for examination. He couldnt feel my spleen so ruled out that as the problem.

Good luck. I will be interested to know how you go on.

Jane x


Thank you Jane at least it's giving me some sort of info to look at I'm 63 yes old and have history of cancer etc in the family it's worry I'm due to see doctor on the 24th and will keep in touch


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How have you changed your diet. It’s so frustrating I suffer with a lactose intolerance and bloating. Any help will be greatly appreciated


I have been suffering the same pain since my gallbladder came out seven years ago. It also affects me in my back, around my left shoulder blade. I've had lots of tests but no answers. The strength of the pain ebbs and flows, it's worse a couple of hours after eating and certain foods seem to affect it more than others. I hope you get some answers and if you do, please share them on this site as I would love some too! Incidentally, I gave up the coffee but it made no difference. Good luck!


Hi Harry boy, this was the pain which started me off, 18months ago! I had had a dodgy tummy for years but just put it down to the way I was, and lived with it.

However, that pain was awful!! It is wind, and gets trapped at the upper part of the colon, the colonic stricture. You really need to have everything else eliminated, through colonoscopy, ct scan, blood tests, etc. I also had an endoscopy and barium swallow because I got so depressed and worried about "that pain" amongst other things.

Something you are eating will be setting it off. Possibly more than one thing. See a sympathetic doctor (easier said than done) look into the low FODMAP diet which you may find immensely helpful. It's not easy though, and this thing will undoubtedly change your life, at least until it all settles.

Not one of the preparations said to ease Ibs worked for me. Twisting and stretching yoga movements are fantastic. And definitely give relief. It's only when your diet and you calm down that you will see an improvement.

All the very best, this site is wonderful.

No biker


Sorry Harry boy, I meant the splenic stricture!


Hi. I have the exact same thing. I was very worried too as there is colon cancer in my family. To put your mind at ease, I had a colonoscopy and the Dr. Said the problem is caused by fad getting trapped at the splenic flexure( the area where the transverse colon bends downward into the descending colon. Some people have a "tight" bend there.


Hi, I'm always getting pain in my left side, but I have diverticular disease. Does anyone else get this. Quick sharp pains . Thanks


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