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Digital bowel examination

I went to see the gastro consultant today. Was very anxious and upset. My IBS symptoms were terrible. He examined my stomach by pressing. Then he did a digital bowel examination. I was so embarrassed. He scooped out a large amount of bowel movement. I was too ashamed to ask why it was sat in the seat of my bum.

Does anyone know why this has happened?

He said that he would do a colonoscopy on me after blood tests. All I want is my IBS pain and symptoms to go away. He said the colonoscopy should detect if there was any other problems.

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I can understand why you would feel embarrassed, but this is all in a day's work for a doctor - especially a gastro - so I really wouldn't worry about it. It had probably just moved further down the bowel and hadn't yet given you a signal that you needed to go to the toilet. I have had a similar experience.

I hope that the colonoscopy goes well. If that and your blood tests are clear, then, hopefully, your gastro, or GP, should be able to begin treatment for IBS. It's good that you're having a thorough investigation. I hope you feel much better soon. In the meantime, be kind to yourself.


Hi. Thanks for reply. I can honestly say I was mega stressed. I've had ibs for 20 years. But I don't think the medication is working that good. So hopefully they can sort it out for me. It'll be good to get relief from pain and symptoms.



Sounds like normal procedure is being followed. A colonoscopy is a good investigation and can pick up or eliminate quite a lot. Good luck

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Thanks for reply. M


Don't ever feel embarrassed as these docs understand and really want to help find the cause of your problems

Have the colonoscopy and they will be able to give you a diagnosis - might not be on the same day as the results will have to be studied properly

Just to let you know also that you will have wind after the procedure and you will be encouraged to let it out even if you are in a recovery room with other patients - this is quite normal and the nurses will be kind and considerate


Th is for reply. I not sure when it will be. Hopefully soon.


Absolutely. I've had 2 and it's not painful or anything. If you ask nicely they might let you watch the tv screen. They may well be able to tell you if they could see nothing but that's not guaranteed, the last word belongs to the consultant. You will get all the information you need from the hospital. You'll need a lift home as you'll probably be sedated and unable to drive. You could have a f*rt*ng contest in the recovery room :P I think what makes the staff smile most is the sight of our embarrassed faces, we all have it afterwards.


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