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Painful Colonoscopy - side effects?

Hi all,

I've been having IBS symptoms for around 16 months, and am constantly going back and forth to my GP. Had a blood test for the gene present with coeliac, but came back negative. I do notice more pain when I eat bread etc, so have avoided this when possible for over a year now, but still getting pain.

Gastroenterology consultant advised to try FODMAPs diet, but this hasn't helped. I've been having regular blood tests for B12/Folic Acid and blood count, Been very up and down, but since I did the FODMAPs diet, B12 dropped dramatically and have now just had my first loading injections of B12.

So, I had a colonoscopy on Tuesday afternoon. Was listed as "urgent", due to my symptoms and my dad being diagnosed with bowel cancer in January this year. I was on the list in March, ended up being referred private by NHS and got seen this week.

The procedure was VERY painful, even though I had sedatives, painkillers and gas and air. My blood pressure and oxygen levels dropped very low so they had to stop at one point and the same happened once the procedure was over.

I now feel very tired, with mild twinges on the left side of my lower abdomen. But I also have a pain in the left side of my groin, which feels like a pulled muscle, and my back is aching a lot. I'm feeling very uncomfortable and couldn't handle going back to work today so ended up coming home. I haven't had a bowel movement since the procedure.

I'm going to try to see my GP tomorrow, but wondered if anyone else has had similar experience with pain during and then after a colonoscopy?

Apologies for the long post! This is my first post x

Any help is very gratefully received xxx

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Hi I have had an IBS condition for many years resulting in excessive burping I know that sounds a joke but I can assure you it's very unpleasant

In May I had a blood test and to my amazement was classified as pre diabetic Have changed my diet completely excluding all free sugar and reducing my levels of carbohydrate

My IBS condition has disappeared and I have a lot more energy so surely diet has a lot to do with this



I think it's quite normal to have a fair bit of discomfort after a colonoscopy. When you think about it you've had a tube pushed around your insides for the first time. It took me a good week after mine for things to return to normal. You probably won't have a bowel movement for a while as everything has come out of you.


Thank you.

My Dr has advised I eat a 'soft' diet with minimum fibre for the next few days and see how I get on. She checked where I am getting pain and is satisfied nothing bad has happened. I did vomit this morning, so she said to keep an eye on that.

I'm still not very hungry and obviously have trapped air from the procedure which is also making me uncomfortable.

Does anyone have any recommendations for how to ease the pain/expel the air?!

I've tried gentle stretching, walking, peppermint tea (but this has made my acid reflux worse), hot water bottle etc. I'm so exhausted, I'm sleeping up to 10 hours during the day, not including sleep at night. I'm at my wits end!!


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