Gastroscopy/Colonoscopy - Sedation or local anaesthetic spray?

Hi Guys,

I have been having on-going gastro issues including abdominal pain, flatulence, fatigue, abnormal bowel (pellet like at first, now diarrhea or mixed and often with bright red blood), urgent need to empty bowel which often will just be mucus mixed with blood etc.

I have finally received a letter to have a gastroscopy and colonoscopy on the 27th of February. I must say I am excited (to maybe get a diagnosis) but at the same time nervous about the actual diagnosis and the actual procedure.

I have just been reading through the leaflets and there are 2 choices for preparation of the procedure i.e. local unaesthetic spray or sedation injection (Midazolam). Has anyone been through this procedure? What were your experiences and which of the 2 would you recommend? I live alone and don't really wanna bother any relative or friend to take a day off and look after me including in the night (this apparently is a recommendation on the leaflet if I go with the sedation injection).

Thank you

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  • Definitely sedation for the colonoscopy as it can sometimes be very painful, you must have someone to drive you home and stay overnight.

  • Thanks for your bantam, very helpful. I may have to go down the sedation route then.

  • I would say sedation, but you will probably not need someone overnight, i had it my partner came and got me from the hospital as they wouldn't let me out alone, but he then had to work and as we don't live together he didn't stay the night but did check in on me made sure i was bathed, in bed comfortable etc.

    The sedation just relaxed me more to make sure they could do the procedure properly.



  • Thanks for sharing your experience and this will certainly help me in make an informed decision.

  • my pleasure, hope you get some good news and some comfort.x

  • Hi,I would go for sedation the procedure itself wasn't too bad but I had been told it can be uncomfortable so glad I did.all the best.


  • Thank you very much, looks like everyone is recommending sedation and will definitely go for this option.

  • Hi there I've had these procedures a few times go for sedation they put a cannula in your vein and sedate you from there the colonoscopy you will be in no pain after it you will want to fart don't be embarrassed it's just wind,what I did the first time was look on YouTube for Billy Connollys experience of his colonoscopy,sorry I had the endoscopy at the same time the camera down the throats just had the spray it makes you gag but once it's passed. down its painless if you go on you own you won't get home on your own they will keep you in overnight,good luck you'll be fine

  • Thanks, I will definitely look up Billy Connolly's YouTube video. I am also having endoscopy at the same time (am assuming that is the same as gastroscopy). I will see if I can get a relative to pick me up and look after me over night so I do not waste bed space for those in most need.

  • Hi Guys...

    Just an update, I have had my gastroscopy and colonoscopy today. I opted for sedation as most of you suggested and I felt no thing. However whilst in recovery room the doctor came over to me and explained the results and it does look like I have bowel cancer and next stop in CT scan and MRI in the next 2 weeks to determine progression and decide what treatment options. As I have only just turned 40 I was expecting my life to begin but I'm completely devastated and have been in tears since I left hospital.

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