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Excessive Gas, Popping feeling and noise, and pressure?


Hi all,

Ive seen two GI specialists and at this point im looking for answers anywhere I can find them.

I started having acid reflux ages ago, constipation, hemorrhoids, the whole shebang. Most of that cleared up though. I started eating healthy and working out. About 2 months into eating healthy and working out I started experiencing really smelly farts and more frequent too.

Today, every time I eat something, regardless of what it is, I get excessive gas. Its like it builds up, and then pops and happens within minutes after consuming food. And then continues on repeat. And there will be this weird pressure and also tons of odd and strange noises. Ive tried switching out foods, not eating foods, activated charcoal, peppermint tea, gasX does literally nothing, dandelion root, probiotics, eating slower, taking breaks in between bites, drinking more water, drinking water slower. Everything you name, Ive tried and nothing helps or aids it. I can literally go to the bathroom to relieve the gas, have a bowel movement, and two minutes later still have excessive gas.

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I had similar problems with excessive gas with IBS-D the only thing that seems to reduce it for me was taking Nexium tablets

I have the same problem. Like you I have tried everything under the sun, but nothing has worked for me yet.

Wish I could have been more helpful.



It sounds as if you're not fully emptying your bowels, even though you may think you are, and that's why the gas continues even after a trip to the loo. It can also be the cause of acid reflux.

It's referred to as incomplete/frustrated/obstructed defecation and there's quite a bit of info out there if you google any of those terms.

I have this condition myself and can get around it most of the time by taking laxatives and using either mini-enemas or glycerin suppositories when needed.

Hope this helps.

I have very similar symptoms too. Although I haven’t eliminated them completely I found that potatoes made me very gassy and I have been a lot better since I have cut those from my diet.

Hello massdigest ,

Have you tried chamomile tea? It has anti inflammatory properties and can be quite relaxing too. It helps to be relaxed. Stress and worry definitely can aggravate bowel issues also.

Best wishes

I use sennokalm tablets with gas it works wonders also try silicogel it's horrible to take because it turns into a flour consistency but it removes harmful pathogens from your gut lining but does have side effects. It turns your poop really light to white in colour. But I also get weird gas gurgling noises so bad it makes me feel off

Have you tried a low FODMAP diet to reduce the fermentation in your gut? And hence the gas?

I'd say an average amount? But not too sure what that has to do with digestive issues.

be aware and do not fart into a temple, a catholic one or a demoniac one! they can understand the meaning of the farts and can revenge against that behavior!

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