Amitizia US Lubiprostone UK for constipation

I have seen my gasto consultant and he has given me this to try. I was wondering if anyone has tried it and if they work for constipation. I have heard the side effects can affect some people. I have tried Prucalopride and Linzess with limited success. They are not cheap as I have to pay privately for them, so would like some advice before I buy. I used to take Zelnorm before it was taken off the market and that worked well.

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  • Hi Pat, I tried Lubiprostone recently and sadly it didn't work for me, just gave me side effects, but it's always worth a go as everyone is different. You mentioned you've tried Prucalopride - what dosage did you take? Prucalopride worked wonders for me for years, albeit with yucky side effects, but it only worked if I took it every few days rather than daily (on my consultant's advice, I should add).

  • Hi thank you for your reply. I took the minimum does of Prucalopride. I am not saying it didn't work, but not as well for what I had to pay for it. I am reluctant to try Lubiprostone. Where are you? I am in the UK and have to pay privately has have been to specialist on medical insurance. The NHS will not cover it. At £80 or so a month for Prucalopride, it is a lot to pay. How much did you pay for the Prucalopride and the Lubiprostone?

  • I'm in the UK too and was given both medications on the nhs (standard prescription charges). There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to ask your gp to prescribe prucalopride. Try taking it every few days and see if that works. Did you get any side effects from it?

  • Thank you. I didn't get any major side effects, just a bit of cramping. What side effects did you have? Also what side effects with Lubiprostone? I have a busy job so can't afford to feel unwell at work due to side effects, if they are quite bad which I believe they can be. I might just have to continue taking my high dose of magnesium citrate or oxide. Have you tried magnesium and does it work for you?

  • I haven't but that is next on my list as I've heard a lot of people benefit from it. The prucalopride gives me headaches, nausea and cramps for about 24 hours each time I take it, usually they are manageable as long as I don't have to work or do anything too strenuous. I am very underweight thanks to the severity of my IBS so I do find that drugs affect me massively. The lubiprostone made me horribly nauseous but didn't do much else!

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