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Chronic constipation


I've been recently diagnosed with IBS the main problem is the constipation. I am fed up of trying different medicines. I'm sure it's not my diet. I have tried fibrogel, laxido and lactulose none of which worked for long. Next , ducloax pico liquid , if I took the maximum dose it worked but was too violent like an explosion and I had no control. For 2 nights I took 2 dulcolax bisacodyl which worked so last night I took 1 but it didn't work. Without taking a laxative I'm sure I'd never have a poo. Last week my GP prescribed fibrogel with mebeverine after 3 days of no movement I looked pregnant & felt so uncomfortable that's when I went back to dulcolax bisacodyl. I do have the other symptoms of eating and needing to rush to the loo but they don't happen so often. Sorry to go on but I'm at my whits end.

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I am in the US, but here there is a newer medicine called Linzess which treats IBS with constipation. You take it every day.

I feel for you, Kathryn. I get the constipation weekly. It's so weird because I will have 4-5 days of going each day then 2 days of nothing even though I have to go. It's painful and gives me shortness of breath. I've seen the gastroenterologist twice now. IBS was the diagnosis. I use citrucel most days and have tried stool softeners. I went through a year of running to the bathroom after lunch meals or greasy food but now it's totally changed. I'm convinced I've developed a condition in my mind that causes this but we will see. I hate to get a colonoscopy and pay $1000 to tell me it's IBS. Best wishes to you!

sufffering in reply to Titan4757

So sorry to hear you are going through this, Herblax works gently overnight to relieve constipation, it is not a laxative and does not force you to go but helps you go when your ready to do. it is also a bowel cleaner and works in so many other ways. Start with one at bedtime with water. if that doesn't do the trick then take two . if two is the number for you then stick to it otherwise try three and keep doing it this way until you find how many is comfortable for you, But take it very slowly, it is powerful and will help relieve you, You can find it at

hope this helps

Titan4757 in reply to sufffering

Thanks! Any advice is good. I will try it.


Had you considered a nervous link to your chronic constipation, Kathryn? This article might interest you:



Have you tried movicol? I have. Wen constipated since I was born and have tried more medications than o can remember but movicol was very gentle, gave me the most ‘normal’ bowel that I ever had and it worked for me hit 12 years before my body got used to it. Good luck!

I have chronic constipation. I have been to private consultant and had the tests done. There are two new drugs that you can get on the NHS called Prucalopride and Linaclotide/Linzess. They don't work like traditional laxatives, they work on the receptors in the stomach. They should give it to you if nothing else works. It is on the NICE guidelines and you should say this to your doctor. Linaclotide/Linzess which I take now is amazing. Works within hours. It is not like Laxido or Movicol or Lactulose which does nothing for me and makes me bloated and gives me cramps.

What I also take in between is about 600 to 1000mg of magnesium citrate or oxide on an empty stomach before bed with lots of water. This works great, naturally and is effective. My colorectal consultant recommended it as well. Look up information on magnesium and constipation. If I don't take it I don't go.

There are other magnesium products for the colon that are excellent although more expensive but worth it. They are in order of my preference, Oxypowder, Aerobic Mag07 and Colosan. You can get them on Amazon or a place called the Finchley clinic. They are very helpful and you can call for advice. Hope this helps.

Shirley-peirson in reply to Pat1

I'm with you on the Linaclotide Pat I couldn't be without it x

NOT SURE 3 years in of hell -75

I take 1 movical and 2 ducolax every night before bed and have done for a year , I’m still not completely regular and when I miss either of them I can not go for 3-7 days again. Recently tried Procalopride but only lasted 2 days the side effects of headaches and Nausea were awful! Just about to start Gut Hypnotherapy, as a last resort! I will let you know how I go!

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