Bowel routine

Just wondering if anyone can relate to my "bowel routine" and offer any advice.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (Proctitis) quite some time ago and I think this is under control. I also think I have IBS though and my own bowel routine is being on and off the loo for 4-5 hours every 2-3 days. During the 4-5 hours "episode", the bowel movements progress from my routine "ribbon like" stools to diarrhoea and I have to have immediate access to a loo when it's my "time to go"! After things return to normal, I tend to feel very tired.

I am a 57 year old male and reasonably fit.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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  • I have exactly the same thing but not as frequently as you, poor thing. Have you tried the FODMAPS diet to try eliminating foods that might be a trigger? This kind of attack does make me anxious when I am away from home as I find that it strikes suddenly without warning. I am also trying mindfulness as I think some of the problem could be psychologically related too.

  • Hi linedance, thanks for the reply. I have tried cutting out alcohol and caffeine in the past and neither of these had any beneficial impact. Going to cut out dairy next as it seems to be the easiest :( The FODMAPS thing looks a bit daunting. I'll let you know how the "dairy-free" trial goes.

  • Have you tried buscopan along with loperamide sometimes that helps me .

  • Have you tried buscopan along with loperamide it seems to help me when I'm having a bad few days

  • Hi pansieh, I'm going to see if a dairy-free diet helps, but I'll keep your suggestions in mind.

    Thank you.

  • Hello

    Sorry to hear that you have "angry guts" too im a 28yo "fit" male and i have some thing that may help / have you tried red cabbage juce / it is rank but it can help regulate your movements (i have /ibs/cronic gastritus/hiatus hernia/peptic ulser d and a faulty valve ) its a hard thing to get your head round and can also lead to depression:^( this is normal if you have been ill for number of years)

    Red cabbage/black berry/distil water.

    That was the best for me and regulating myself . I hope it works for you and you are not alone also look into somthing called "silver water" i havent tried this but would be one of the only things i havent lol

  • Hi still_ill, I'll keep your suggestions in mind; red cabbage juice can't be all that bad!


  • I feel for you. Have you thought about an elimination diet to see if there are any foods that don't work for you?

    Best of luck

  • Thanks crazyfitness; dairy-free is going to be attempted soon and I'll post on my results. Fingers crossed (I think).

  • Really hope that it works for you - best of luck :)

  • You haven't mentioned if you have any good triggers - my wife has UC and she has removed all dairy, limited spices and large meals (little and often) it was a great help when I developed IBS.

    It maybe worthwhile doing a good diary for a month and see what happens.

    All the best

  • Replace good with food - thumb to big for these phone keypads!!

  • Yep, as mentioned in a previous reply Scr1969, I'm going to try dairy free for a while and will provide an update during August.

    Thanks for the reply.

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