Prolapsed Bowel

Hi All,I've been on and off this forum for somtime now,so I don't want to bore people,but I do just have a question.

I've had what I assume is IBS for some years now,but it has progressed quite a lot.From having 1 BM a day to 4 BM a day,not D but also not C, just have to sit a while and it comes in bits. Now not to sound to discussting,but when I wipe myself I sometimes feel a lump,when my hubby took a look for me one day,he said this little lump,seemed to pop back in when I stood up.

The thing is my GP is useless ,but at the same time I'm worrying myself sick that it could be a Prolapsed Bowel. Anyone who has this have you got any advise,plus I frightened to go to the toilet now in case I make it any worse,but obviously I have to go.

Thank you in advance if you've took the time to read this post.

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  • Hi Gemini,

    Do go and see a GP asap (probably not the useless one!). It could be a prolapse and, if it is, they're usually fixable from what I've heard/read from other people. Couldn't be haemorrhoids, could it?


  • I have got haemorrhoids ,fro m when I had my kids,but that's back 45-50yrs ,and they very rarely course me any problem. Not to sound to rude my hubby has looked for me from time to time if I feel sore or I feel any change and he said everything looks like it should,apart from that one time and he said " ooh you've got a lump" then"oh it's gone back up" so since then it's worried me. If I had a decent GP I'd have no problem asking,but I'm down there this afternoon,to see the nurse,so I will metion it to her.

    But thanks Rosie,you've been a help to me in the past.

  • Give me an update when you've seen the nurse - and don't panic whatever she tells you!

  • Hi,Rosie,just thought I'd let you know,I've got an appointment with a lady GP for the 30 Dec,so I'll let you know how I get on.

  • Hi Gemini,

    Good, that's the right thing to do and get whatever-it-is sorted out - and do let me know how you get on.

    Don't worry too much and relax and enjoy Christmas - I wish you a good one!


  • Hi,Rosie,Haa,had a senior moment my appointment not until tomorrow .So I'll get back to you. Thanks.

  • Sounds like piles to me, have you tried using some cream on it to see if it shrinks?

  • No it's not ,because as I said earlier I've had them for 45-50yrs and I know the difference piles/haemorrhoids are very sore,this is not.

  • Not sore always

  • No I know I've got them,but there not the problem,as I've said,if it's your back passage you can't see any change,but you can feel if there's a change,and I'm lucky enough to have a hubby who has helped me out in the past where piles/haemmoroids are concerned. So if I think there seems to be anything different,I'll ask him to check for me. What he said was it looked like a small lump,that went back in.

    My piles don't go back in. There ,there all the time.

  • sounds like a hemmorid

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