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Needing help or advice !!

Hi there lately I have been having soft stool it comes and goes and when I have a normal one it's always broke up my soft stool is so tomes flat and sticky I have been also having a headaches and dizzy spells when to doctor he's not concerned said I have ibs I said about the headaches he said cause your worrying yourself I can't get out my head that I might have bowel cancer I'm a 25 year old male with no family history of bowel cancer

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I think your dr is probably right... and I'm not discounting the fact that those headaches don't hurt!... Your poop can 'change' a lot... mostly affected by what you drink and eat... and then again...sometimes it doesn't... Maybe just to help you feel assured you could have a fecal occult test taken... I think your dr would be willing to do this...its just a a simple kit you do in your own home. Good luck to you!


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