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Sorry for the graphic descriptions, but lately I've been having sluggish bowel movements (no pain or cramping really). Before all this IBS stuff, I used to go just once a day (solid, wide girth stool), but now I'll sometimes go 2-4 times every morning (soft consistency, ranging from cylindrical to blobs). I don't feel totally satisfied from these evacuations like I used to. Is this common with IBS? I take a daily probiotic but no fiber. Should I take fiber to bulk up the stool? Would be nice to have more efficient BMs! Thanks very much for any advice! xx

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  • you could try fybogel, works for me

  • thanks, nixxxi !

  • No worries. It is marketed for constipation so you may want to start with one sachet a day and see what happens.

    Also you can buy in bulk from Amazon

  • I appreciate it! :)

  • It's definitely common with IBS and quite often I feel like I haven't evacuated fully. What works for me if I am like that is a rounded dessertspoonful of Linseeds soaked in approx. a 3rd of a mug of water for an hour and then drink.

  • thank you so much, crazyfitness ! I had been going crazy wondering if what I'm experiencing is common with IBS. I will try the solution and see if it helps! :)

  • You are welcome and yes it is very common with IBS. Best of luck :) x

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