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please help !

Bin having digestive problems since I got bad anxiety got diagnosed with anxiety and having help for it now but my poo is flat maybe mucus sometimes gass a lot constipation and diareah sometimes and soft stool light brown stool and bloating aswell I seen my gp and exspressed my concern about cancer but he just checked my belly for lumps and he couldnt find anything there's no pain really odd times I get it I had anal bleeding once after a full day of constipation and not pooing my doctor just said that it is ibs and told me to sort my anxiety out and this will go but I just keep thinking its cancer I have dark circles under my eyes im stressing that much about it im only 16 years old with no family history of cancer accept my grandad recently died of lung cancer but he smoked for 60 + years please can someone give me a few answers !

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I want to know what is causing this flat ribbon looking stool


Is no one helpin nah haha ?


Hi James,

Sorry to hear you're suffering and worried so much. I used to worry a lot about my health when I was younger and I know what you're going through.

First things first: relax. As you said, your IBS started when you first suffered from anxiety. This isn't uncommon - lots of people's IBS is tied to anxiety and because of this link I think it's highly unlikely your symptoms are linked to cancer. As you rightly point out, there is no history of bowel cancer in your family and no other indications that the doctor has seen to make him think otherwise. When did your anxiety first start and what triggered it?

I'm a little disappointed that your doctor wasn't more sympathetic to your predicament, though. There are blood tests he/she should take to rule out other illnesses which should be made before a diagnosis of IBS. Did you get any blood tests?

Did your GP also offer any help in helping you overcome your anxiety. There are typically three treatment options: books on prescription, therapy and drugs. You can get CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) on the NHS but the waiting list of often long but this can also be done with the help of books. Depending on how deeply rooted your anxiety is, though, you may need a longer stretch of therapy - not just CBT but also something deeper, which isn't as easily available on the NHS. Drugs can also be a useful stop-gap solution to help you get control of things while you're doing the therapy. These aren't without their own complications though and will often have side effects; they might even make your constipation worse.

I don't think it is right or sensible for your doctor to leave you to deal with these issues by yourself. If you're still concerned, go back and get an appointment with a different GP, come armed with these thoughts and be prepared to say what you need: help with over coming the anxiety which you think is causing your IBS.

As for the ribbon stools, this is a consequence of the constipation. They might equally be hard pellets or hard lumpy stools too. I wouldn't worry about them, but I appreciate the constipation isn't pleasant.

Good luck!


Hi James, you are so young to be suffering like this. Stress & anxiety, however, can hit at any age. My sister was 7 when she changed schools and although she was happy in her new environment & had lots of friends she suffered from constipation every morning and was often late for school as she would rush to the loo seconds before leaving home. Doctors could find nothing wrong and put it down to the change in school. This lasted until Christmas and she was okay when she went back in the new year. Maybe if you could find someone to talk to, who could help you deal with your anxieties you may find things will settle down. Also, not sleeping can cause lots of things to seem much worse. Have you tried Kalms for night time? They are herbal and may help you get a few decent nights sleep which is always good. Good luck and I hope you find a way forward.


Hi James234, I am a lot older than you but your symptoms are very similar to mine. May be you could try a change in diet to see if that helps, it is hard, but I started omitting wheat and dairy, felt so much better, if this does not help the FODMAP diet helps lots of people. The best advice is from the Monash Uni in Australia. The website is thelowfodmapdiet.com. I realise you are so young to be bothered with a special diet. I think that the anxiety upsets our digestive system. Hope you find a more understanding GP, I changed mine as I was more upset after seeing her, than when I went in! Hope you can over come your fear very soon.

Best bigbunbun3


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