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17 year old with severe constipation


Can someone advise me on how to better my bowel movements? I have been constipated for nearly a week now and I am genuinely concerned for my well being as I have never been this constipated in my life; I haven't been able to pass any type of faeces without taking laxatives. Higher fibre intake, consumption of fruit juices etc. has had NO effect whatsoever and I am starting to believe there is something serious going on. (I'd never recommend the NHS 111 service to anyone ever because it's a big waste of time)

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Hi, My Chronic Constipation started at 17, My Mum used to give me Calfig. It worked a few times! (They sell in a local store or pharmacy) Also try prune juice or prunes, dates.

If not try the Fibrgel, Movicol. My Doctor gave me Pixolax once, when I hadn't been properly in a week. It worked for a few hours and my doctor was surprised as he said it should of worked for at least 24 hours!

I hope you find something suitable but if you are getting worried see your GP or call 111 if the pain becomes unbearable! Or ask to speak to our of hour GP via 111.

Clumsy ✴

Have you tried any kind of gentle laxative like one that works overnight?

The advice given sounds good, especially calling your GP or 111 if it's very painful. This has happened to me before, but I am much older. Can you get magnesium citrate ( a liquid)? That will keep you on the toilet for a day. Are you drinking lots of water? That's important. Good luck and keep us informed. Nesie237

I wouldn't recommend the 111 service to anyone because their advice is mediocre however I will be going to my local Holland and Barrett to look for these magnesium citrate tablets. Thank you.

I understand. I'm from California. Too bad you're not here. They would figure out the problem. The magnesium citrate is a liquid. It may take a few hours, but then be near a bathroom, as I said. If that doesn't work, you may have an emergency problem. I wish you well. Nesie237

Thank you

With a sudden change of bowel habit it is always best to see you GP however I have been really helped by trying the Low Fodmap diet. Lots of info on this site about what that entails and you can ask to be referred to a dietician by your GP to work through the diet with you to find your trigger foods.

I also find huge benefit in taking 2 Magnesium Citrate tablets 400mg just before bed. Easily purchased from Amazon or Holland & Barrett. Take care with the dose you may need to start with just 1 tablet to see how you go. You can also add some ground linseed/flaxseed to you diet. You can buy ready ground in most larger supermarkets. 2tablespoons daily was recommended by the dietician I saw. Mixed into porridge, over cereal or in a smoothie it is very easy to take. Just be sure to drink plenty water too.

Hope you feeling better soon. T

I'll look into magnesium citrate, I appreciate this.


I would suggest you having a good deep stomach massage at an osteopath or other professional who knows what they are doing. It will help to get things moving throughout. They are very well trained. My son was very constipated, to the point of being sick. Ended up at a and e. Had an enema. Worked really well but it's finding a doctor who is willing to do that for you. Hope you soon go. Best wishes.

Natural Calm magnesium citrate, vitamin c, probiotics and digestive enzymes can all help, along with dilute apple cider vinegar before eating.

Worth getting your thyroid tested as constipation is a common symptom.


Aloe Vera juice. Holland and Barrett............that should get things moving in a very natural way. Good luck with all that you try.......not pleasant for you

There are many natural things to try.

Having a regular bowel movement is a delicate balance between foods consumed, gut mobility, digestive enzymes, ability to absorb nutrients, and the bacterial content of your bowel which is important for normal digestion and so much more.

The following are things you can try (one at a time):

Try some foods high in indigestible fiber: prune juice, psyllium powder with LOTS of water, tea made of senna leaves (a potent motility agent). Large doses of vitamin C (might take anywhere from 2 to 10,000 mg) and Magnesium 400 plus mg will cause diarrhea as a side effect. Lactulose will cause the bowels to move, as it is used to clear the bowels for medical tests).

Whenever you eat, take at least one or two over the counter complete digestive enzyme tablets.

Get a probiotic supplement that contains multiple different strains of good bacteria and take it daily. It doesn't really matter which one.

Avoid eating constipating, and inflammatory foods such as grains (wheat, rye, barley, corn), dairy. Not all food bother everyone, but it is worth a try.

Some one your age with constipation should get checked for celiac disease which can cause constipation just as often as diarrhea. The screening test is a simple blood test for tissue transglutaminase antibody.

A glycerince suppository could be used to stimulate the rectum to start defacation.

If you try a number of these things and you still cannot have a bowel movement, you need to be seen by a doctor.

Many things to try. Best wishes.


I appreciate this help thank you

My brother consumed a lot of prunes to resolve this when he was younger. And my partner drinks coffee when he needs a bowel movement.

Hi....constipation turned out to be the cause of my IBS, bloating, pain and acid reflux.This was a great surprise to me as I had a BM everyday and ate a good varied diet with lots of fibre.My abdominal x-ray was a complete shock!

I was prescribed Laxido which has been marvellous. It is sachets of powder you mix with water. Can be taken 3 x a day until symptoms improve then slowly cut down. I now take one a day or every other to make sure sure my bowel never gets so full again. it is not habit forming or make the bowel lazy which I was worried about.

Drink lots and lots of water and increase foods like kiwi, plums, apricots, prunes nuts and seeds. I also drink Flaxseed tea and swallow some of the seeds afterwards which help to cleanse the bowel. This is my regime that I have developed and never looked back from.

Good luck ...

Mag07 look it up on Amazon, works, no cramps...use every nite, 2 hours after eating. Read reviews...sleep like a baby, get up and go... usually twice.

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