I have just recently become constipated and have had a real painful struggle to pass stools and it has taken half an hour and more for a result.I have never had this before and have had a regular bowel habit and have not changed my diet in any way.Have used a laxative which helped but the constipation returns.Has anyone had similar to this and could give advice to ease this .Thanks

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  • Hi Poppie, I am sorry you are going through this, because this is what has been happening to me (off and on) for the last two months... Plus, it makes me nauseated and weak.. even my intestines alone feel 'sick' and achey, too. I am going to start drinking even MORE water and also take Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root several times a day and see if that helps (as well as Peppermint Oil Capsules)...

     And even tho I dislike taking laxatives will take Cascara Sagrada at least every other day. I will definitely post if it helps. Good luck to you, Poppie. I'll be watching your post for some ideas from others!

  • Try olive oil befor meals and grans figs and prunes and concentrate d orange juice

  • Hi Poppie 

    Change your toilet position, get a toilet stool so that your knees are higher than your hips and you are squatting. This helps to take the kink out of the bowel that can contribute to constipation. Also by squatting it means that you have a fuller elimination. (think if you are camping and to 'go' in the woods, its always more thorough). Try to manage this naturally, laxatives can make the muscles in the bowel lazy and stop working, so use them on when you have to. As previous posters say, lots and lots of water. Supplement with magnesium that helps too. Most of all remember try not to strain. This severely weakens the pelvic floor muscles and can result in rectal or bowel prolapse. 

    I wonder are you on any medications? Pain killers cause constipation so too other medications, so do be aware of outside forces. Also too be aware that just before your period your body slows down, and a day or two of constipation before a period is quiet common. The more you can understand how your body works the more you can help to keep health naturally. Good luck


  • Hi,

    most of the time i am constipated and it not very nice a sharp pain hurting me had to take a day of work!!!

    can anyone please help me

  • The best natural thing for constipation is about 600 to 1000 mg magnesium citrate or oxide capsules before bed in an empty stomach before bed with lots of water. I take this every day after years of problems this is the best. You can read up on Internet about benefits of magnesium and constipation. There is a site called Ibs tales   That is also good. In addition to this gave a glass of fresh orange juice in the morning before eating eating anything.

  • I am often constipated in the same way. I take Fybogel daily which bulks my motions up and makes it easier to pass. I also find this regulates me. I only take one sachet a day otherwise it can cause wind. More fibre in your diet will help.

  • Hello, I have suffered with IBS with constipation since I was 15 (now pushing 30) and I find that a good shot of espresso gets everything shifting (make sure your near a loo) or peppermint tea or capsules do the same. I have to minimise my coffee intake so that the espresso works effectively though, so I keep coffee intake occasional.

  • Take a good probiotic like Algin.

  • I also have IBS, usually with constipation rather than diarrhea. This has been the case now for over ten years. After suffering through severe constipation during chemo, a dietician advised a number of things, in addition to increased bulk, fruits and vegetables (not possible when you can hardly eat). She suggested an ATC probiotic, Probiotic 10, in addition to an Activia yogurt daily. This usually works, but if not, I use a glycerin suppository as a last resort. Drink a lot of water also if you can.

  • Keep yourself warm and hope that the poo will melt. Try sitting infront of radiator, have a hot bath or drink boiling water straight from the kettle. Sending you all my love xx

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