severe constipation

i have had very bad constipation all my life as a child we did not have the right food as my dad was ill all the time and could not work .when i was constipated as a child my mum used to put pieces of soap up my bottom then put me in a hot bath that did work and i have used this a few times but now i am disabled and in a wheelchair i dont get much exercise i cant do this anymore i cant take lactulose as i have bad side affects i have a gastronamy peg in my stomach and feed myself with a syringe i am wondering if i have ibs my health conditions are at the moment fibromyalgia perifual neuropathy calcafied tendonitus in my shoulders osteo arthritus osteopherosis vertigo eating phobia overactive thyroid i cant eat or drink anything by mouth or i choke anything i take has to be fluid i had constipation on sunday my stomach was so bloated this is rearly getting me down advice please .

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  • Hi Mason, you're conditions sound awful. You are dealing with so much and must be so strong! It's probably something you've tried before but is prune juice or mushed up prunes any help for you? Keep your head held high you are not alone x

  • hi helenna thank you for replying it has to be something that does not have suger in as can cristalise and block the tube .i will have a look and see if i can find suger free prune juice bless you .

  • i have not been diagnosed yet seeing my doctor tomorrow but i think i have it i have also been diagnosed with an over active bladder is this part of it and when i cant go to the loo i feel so sick and sometimes i am .what are the symptoms of ibs please i want an idea before i see my doctor .also when ime constipated i cant eat ime hungry but my stomach cant take the food ,advice please .

  • I do not know if you can take capsules, but you can buy this in powder form also, and mix it in water. This really works....Natural Calm stopped working for me. It is MagO7, you can purchase this at the vitamin shoppe, or on amazon. Just read the reviews...I take it every nite, never a cramp, you have to figure out your amount...just make sure you take it 2 hours after eating anything before bed...u will go!

    I have never taken more than three...I would be afraid to...get it, and figure out how much u need...every body is different. you will sleep well, and get up and go...usually will clean u out.

    best wishes!

  • What is Mag07 Olivedog? Is it magnesium? I suffer from severe constipation due to my ibs but also because I take a little morphine...but have tried magnesium tablets and found they made no difference or just give slight watery diarrhoea. I want something that clears you out fully and properly, u know makes u have a proper stool.

  • yes it is, which has been ozonated and stabilized to release Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) when used as directed. It has a stool softening effect- hey I have tried everything...I wish I could go the way I use to too!

    But this works with the least pain, cramping,...find your comfortable dose? This is up to you. This magnesium does really not go into your blood stream as they explained to me? it is not a vitamin. I would rather be a little loose, than trying to pass rocks. I have hemerrhoids which are to be banded soon, 5 months of suffering....MagO7 has been a life saver. after I get these removed, and am healed...I will go to one capsule, and have psyllium b/4 each meal to have a more normal bowel movement. With age the big C gets ya...not fun! look it up and read about it. Aerobic Life, phone #1-800-798-0707.

  • Wow ghat sounds very scientific. Yeah I know what you mean, nothing worse than it being like a rock. I am so dubious of everything as have tried so many things over the years and nothing ever works. I will have a proper read up. Thanks

  • Totally agree about the Mag07. It is the best and I have tried everything too.

  • Hi Pat,

    I am glad you found MagO7! I use to use Natural stopped workng...and it screwed up my blood pressure meds. I stayed in your system. MagO7 not only relieves the Crummy BIG C, but cleans out toxins....ect. I do take a probiotic everyday

    at breakfast just to keep good guys in there. I felt like I worked for the company or something...I must must admit I was afraid to take it for six months...then one nite I took only two, wow! I have never looked back. I ate some bisquick gluten free pancakes, yummy big fluffy things for breakfast 3 days in a row...MagO 7 got them out, but ruined my hemerrhoids...have to be ligated...but if I did not have the MagO7 during this ordeal...God knows what an even worse time I would have had. I will be on this for the rest of my life! I am so thankful I found it! Glad you did too! No cramps, chemicals, restful sleep, go in the morning....who could ask for more after all those suppositories, enemas, gerd, ect. ect.

    Thanx for posting...I hope more constipated people read this and try it!!!!


  • hi olivedog i cant take capsules and i have to crush tablets i get so bloated and feel sick my stools are very hard i end up having the nurse to do an enima i hate it .

  • You can buy this in powder form, and mix with water. Look it up on net...Aerobic Life...MagO7. phone # 1-800-798-0707.

    You have to find your comfortable dose. Works wth no cramping, best thing I have found. As getting older...I get the big C too...with this can go each day...follow directions, it really works, not a vitamin ...does not put all magnesium into your blood and out...much safer than all those chemical laxatives, gives you peaceful sleep...get up and go. I am awaiting hemerrhoid banding, and take two at bedtime, 2 hours after eating anything...Will lower dose after healed up, and start on psyllium before meals to bulk up food, and take one capsule before bed. Will take forever.

    My Doc tried me on Linzess...pain, cramping, very loose stool like magO7 (taking too much), horrible...this has really helped me more than anything. This is up to you. Best Luck!

    I can NOT eat white rice...GF/DF...all organic eating.

  • I find that lemon fybogel works not the Orange flavour which most people find disgusting. You can buy it from Boots the chemist or at the doctors or from Amazon on line

  • Hi Mason,

    I admire your courage as you have a number of things going in that must be really hard to live with.

    Something that you may find helps you is getting a local Reiki practitioner to give you several Reiki energy sessions (could be at your home if you can't get out and about easily). Ask your doctor or Chemist to refer someone to you.

    These sessions will help your body relax and will remove some of the negative energy causing blockages in your body. Really worth a try. You may feel very tired for a couple of days, so be ready for that. This is a good sign.

    I am a Reiki practitioner, and I have had people that came for other reasons spontaneously say that they don't have constipation anymore.

    Even though this may not be a total solution, it is really helpful when we are feeling stuck and down, and great positive support.

    In case you are wondering, although Reiki is usually done lying down, it can be done in a seated position (in your wheelchair) if necessary.

    Hope this helps you move forward, Mason.


  • hi alison saw my doctor this morning he has given me glycerin supposatries i did ask about a referal but he said no they dont do that i did have reiki for stress 5 years ago it helped but now i have so many disabilaties and so much pain i cant take medication as i get bad side affects so i cant afford the treatment but thank you foe the sugestion .

  • I would like to share a post of mine with you that you may find useful:

    I had IBS for over 25 years (chronic IBS for the last 15) and I have recovered from that, even though I thought I never could.

    You can't take medication and you are suffering. Reiki may help relieve you in part, and not just from constipation.

    Can you in fact afford not to have Reiki from someone local? Think about what is holding you back, and whether it is worth it.

    It is your choice. But do love yourself and get what you need.

    Take care,


  • hi alison i thank you for your advice as much as i would like to do things for myself i cant apart from the list of medical conditions i put above my husband had to stop working to be my full time carer so we lost his wage our son has testicular cancer he has lost a testacle and we nearly lost him last year he had a 3 %chance of living last month i had an operation on my face just under my eye for a pigmented lesion now i have to have a byopsy on the left side of my face another operation i have been told i have skin canceri also have cataracts on both my eyes went to the eye hospital but the person i saw said if i had the cataracts removed there would be complications as my catarts are right at the back of my eyes and it could make me blind .so i have a wondefull husband who has to do everything and our son i use my electric wheelchair every day as i cant walk i cant take any medication very bad side affects how i wish i could get help with the severe pain i am in and to get rid of the stress thank you for caring xx

  • Oh never mind just researched Mag07 and looks a bit dodgy to me, like all those bogus weight loss pills-got the same style of packaging and a lot of negative reviews so dont think I'd be giving them a go.

  • Ralph40 That is not the case at all. I have been taking mag07 and other similar magnesiums for constipation for a long time and it is not dodgy and works better than any chemical or herbal laxative. It is not intended for weight loss. I see mostly positive reviews from the sites selling the product.

  • Thanks for your reply Pat1. I am so dubious about these products as I have wasted money on so many products that do nothing(money I can't afford to waste). The reviews I read were not positive but I will have another look at it. Have you suffered any pain when taking Mag07? When you say you have been on it a long time, how much time do you mean & how regularly do you take it? My body is so sensitive so I am always worried about taking something incase it causes me a lot of pain(which has happened numerous times before). Glad to hear it hasn't caused you any problems as with it stating its a 'digestive system cleanser' I would have thought it wasn't something to be taken regularly/long term, maybe just every so often.

  • No pain when taking Mag07 and no cramps, just relief. I have been taking it and similar products for about 8 years. I will have to take magnesium for constipation for the rest of my life as this is the best natural way to combat my Ibs c. If I don't take it I don't go. Even my gastrointerologist said to use magnesium on an ongoing basis. There is another product that works the same way called Oxypowder. Also very good but a bit more expensive. For me they are worth the money.

  • I really feel for you and you are coping with so much. I don't know whether this can be taken any other way but someone on here suggested Golden Linseed soaked in water which I then drink from a mug - the seeds go very soft. Not sure how you would manage this with a tube but there might be some way - it's worth looking into. This has worked wonders for me and has improved my constipation so much and it's completely natural, no supplements or pills.

    Best of luck

  • Dear Mason

    I do not feel qualified enough to answer you and think you have a lot to cope with that puts my little problems in the shade. Please speak to your GP and try and get the help you need. Wish you well and let us know how you get on. God Bless

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